Sophie Blowing Bubbles

While outside one Saturday afternoon, Sophie pulled out some bubbles and sat down on the porch to blow them. I looked up and saw the most beautiful scene. The light was perfect, illuminating and making her edges glow. I ran into he house to get my camera and hoped she didn't move. The bubbles kept her busy and I was able to return in time. I took a few photos and was really pleased I'd captured a shot just the way I had imagined (picture #3). 

Nixon in the Cupboard

Rob brought Nixon downstairs after he'd woken up one morning. I was already awake and doing something in the office. I could hear Nixon out in the eating nook and knew he was wanting breakfast. So I quickly finished up what I was working on an walk over to find Nixon helping himself to breakfast! He'd scaled his highchair and climbed into the cupboard where we keep our cereal, without anyone knowing. What a funny, independent boy!


Sophie Dishes Up Ice Cream

I walked into the kitchen one evening to this scene: Sophie dishing up 2 bowls of ice cream. She didn't ask for permission, but I was at glad to see she was getting some for her big sister too and not just thinking about herself.
She may or may not have licked the spoon in between each scoop ;)



Nixon and Molly Play Outside

Today was a cloudy day, which made it a perfect day for playing outside. It's been so hot lately it was a nice break from the heat. And of course the first thing Nixon did was find a stick...
Nixon was obsessed with opening and closing the front door. 

Sophie in the Doorway

Snapping a few shots of Sophie this morning. Her glasses match her nightgown perfectly :)


The Kids Were Here

The dishwasher just got emptied so naturally it needed to get filled up again with dirty dishes.


Ivory Ridge Splash Pad

We headed to our weekly playgroup at a nearby splash pad. Upon arrival I thought we really lucked out, it wasn't busy at all. I even got a great parking spot in the shade. And then my friend called me to tell me they had just shut down the splash pad because a child had pooped in the water. Since we were already dressed for playing in the water we headed to the next closest one. None of our playgroup friends followed, but it didn't matter much to my kids they still had a blast.