Nixon Helps Himself to Ice Cream

This boy knows a good thing when he sees it and he saw a carton of ice cream Sophie left out of the table, so naturally he decided to help himself to some. There wasn't much left and most of with was melted so I just let him have at it. 


Italian Cooking Class at Lemon & Sage

I've been going to a few Italian cooking classes over the past few months. This week my teacher's photographer (also my friend) couldn't come and asked me to photograph the class for her. It was also really fun to finally visit Lemon and Sage, where the class was being held. I've wanted to go for quite sometime because I know the owner Shannon. Her husband was the bishop of my ward in Jakobsberg when I was a missionary in Sweden. I served in that ward for 6 months so I really felt a closeness with the ward. Shannon and her family moved to the US a year after I returned home. They even came to my wedding reception which was the last time I saw them, until this class... Shannon was there!  It was really fun to see her again and talk about Sweden. And the class was fun too!


Sophie Starts Preschool

Sophie started preschool today! She was super excited, despite these photos, to be going back to school. She absolutely loved her teachers and school last year and was eager to return. She now goes  to school 3 times a week!


Jumping for Joy

Someone is excited to head back to preschool again!


Labor Day 2017. Bird Refuge, Golden Spike, Spiral Jetty

For Labor Day this year we decided to do something we've been wanting to do for a couple years... see the Spiral Jetty out at the Great Salt Lake. It's taken us years to do because the 2 hour 45 minute drive there has always deterred us. But we had the whole day so we headed north. We decided to stop just outside of Brigham City in Perry for lunch. We were going to go to Maddox since we've heard a lot about it, but found out they were closed when we pulled in and there were no cars. So we headed up the street to another popular spot: Calls Drive-In. Rob had a burger, I had a chicken sandwich, and the kids split a grilled cheese and fries. Then we all spit a peach shake. It was good although I didn't love the bun on my sandwich and I didn't like the peach shake at all. 
 Since we were close we decided to see the Brigham City Tabernacle and Temple. We walked about the ground for a bit before we moved on.
We also decided to go to the Bear River Bird Refuge that was not far away, but it was also closed for the day! Instead we did the 12 mile auto tour and we were glad we did. It took a few miles to see any birds, but it was pretty cool once we got further in. 
We got out at one of the look-out points and found there were 1000's of wasps everywhere plus it was hot, so our promenade didn't last long. And I was pretty surprised that not one of us were stung!
From the Bird Refuge we drove out to Golden Spike, which is actually right on the way to the Spiral Jetty. We arrived about and hour before closing we as much as we could in that hour. I didn't really know what the significance of this place was, but soon found out that it was the place that joined the the rails spanning the continent and tied that transcontinental and central pacific railroads together.
Seven hours after we left out house, we finally made it to our intended destination. The Spiral Jetty was pretty cool and I'm glad we finally made it there. 
Molly and I climbed up the hill east of the Jetty for a good view, while Rob, Sophie, and Nixon started down to the Jetty.
Then Molly and I went down. It was hot, sandy, and salty, but amazing! Molly complained a bunch because she was thirsty, but Nixon and Sophie love playing in the sand.
We walked out to the lake for a few minutes and then headed back to the car all sweaty and dirty. By this time I knew we would be able to make it home in time for the crockpot dinner I was cooking, so we stopped for some BBQ on the way.
By the time we got home the kids had fallen asleep and when I brought them in the house Sophie just stood in the doorway for a few minutes. Once I stopping running around putting things away I notice she was still standing in the same place. It turns out she was just standing there sleeping! It was pretty crazy. I couldn't stop laughing.