Spring Break 2019 Day 6 - Splash Pad

The girls loved spending time with their boy cousins: Crew, Brooks, and Hudson! While at Tiffany's house Crew and the girls had a sleepout in the loft every night. Some night they made their beds full on forts, but this morning I woke up to them sleeping so soundly without pillows surrounding them and had to document with a couple of photos.

Later in the morning, we when to the Mansel Carter Oasis Park to play at the splash pad with Jen and her kids. I took a few shots right when we got there, but other than that my kids were not interested in getting wet! Ha! Also, Jen was about 1.5 hours late so it made for a long wait for friends to show up. We were all pretty tuckered out by then. But we stayed a little longer. Jack was way overdue for a nap and eventually, I took him to the car and drove around the parking lot to help him fall asleep.
At one point, Nixon decided to embark on a 30 walk around the lake barefoot with me in tow.
It was interesting to see all sorts of birds by the water's edge.
Later that evening, the Maready's, Liz, and Rob and I went out for dinner at Caldwell Company BBQ. It was fun to sit and chat without the kids (although we took Jack who was an angel for most of the time).


Spring Break 2019 Day 5- Goldfield Ghost Town & Canyon Lake

On Thursday we took the kids to Goldfield Ghost Town.
Rob took Molly, Sophie, and Nixon on their train ride, while I stayed back and fed Jack.
We walked up and down the little town and grabbed a cup of ice cream to share just before we left. The line was so long Rob stood in it while I walked around with the kids to keep them entertained. Several minutes later he was still in line, but we found a little table to sit at and waited just 10 more minutes or so until he came out with a two scoops in a cup.
After Goldfield we drove to Canyon Lake and let the kids dip their feet in. We didn't even think about bringing swimming suites with us (*face palm*), but the kids didn't mind much. We just let Nixon strip down to his Spiderman undies and the girls just dipped their feet in. It was fun! We would totally come back and spend and entire day here.


Spring Break 2019 Day 4- Phoenix Zoo

On Thursday we packed up all our things and moved them over to my sister Tiffany's house so we could stay with her and her family for a few days. We didn't stay long because we wanted to take the kids to the Phoenix Zoo. 
The kids had fun. Nixon especially loved walking around with is little backpack and feeling like a big boy.
The petting zoo was a big hit. 
Sophie begged for a picture on this lion.
Molly took a quick spin on a camel. It was definitely not worth $6 to ride the camel for approximately one... maybe two minutes. I took a video of her going past the first time and thought I get a photo on the next lap only to realize she only got one lap! Oh well, she was the only one begging to ride and she loved it.
The zoo is a pretty big and we actually saw most of it. We were pretty tired by the end, but we enjoyed our time there. We left in the afternoon and headed back to Tiffany's. We hung out and the kids played with their cousin Crew and had a great evening.


Spring Break 2019 Day 1, 2 & 3

We headed down to St. George for spring break this year. Rob drove with Nixon and the girls and I flew with Jack. Jack was a fussy baby the whole flight, but it was nice to arrive in 1.5 hours instead of 10! Tiffany picked Jack and I up and we ran a few errands before we had dinner at Gecko Grill. It was pretty yummy.
We stayed the first few days at Rob's sister Jen's house. On Sunday we planned to go to church with Jen, but we're late for their 8 am block and decided to go to Tiffany's since they were at 8:30 and we could be on time. Turns out Liz, my sister-in-law, was also down in AZ for spring break and was attending Tiffany's ward as well. So we got to see her, Ella, and Isaac as well. I also ran into Erik Bradly, a guy I went to high school with and haven't seen since. I was able to chat with him for a few minutes before Sunday school.
After church the kids played around in the backyard and we had dinner with Rob's family. Later that night we played Ticket to Ride.
Jen's pet turtle was a hit. We had to keep an eye on Nixon to make sure he didn't pick it up or hurt it.
On Monday morning I went to Orange Theory, a gym, with Jen and her friend. It was a good workout. I liked it. After we all swam in the hot tub. The kids loved it. They stayed in the water most of the day. In the afternoon, Jen watched Molly, Sophie, and Nixon while Rob, Jack, and I went to Last Chance. We found lots of treasures. Rob and I both got a couple tee shirts, jeans and shoes. 
In the evening we met up with Rob's high school friends at Gene Autry Park and had dinner and talked. It's always so fun to hang out with them. Anna brought a bunch of popsicles and the kids loved eating them.