Labor Day 2018

For Labor Day we didn't have any specific plans. Honestly, it just kind of snuck up on us. So we decided to go to Kneaders for breakfast and up to the mountains and hike Stewart Falls. We didn't realize how popular hiking to Stewart Falls would be on Labor Day. There were tons of people and no parking spots... at all. So we continued up the canyon to Cascade Springs and strolled along the paths there. 

Sleeping on the Trampoline

Rob and the girls slept out on the trampoline the night before Labor Day. Rob is so great to do this with the girls. Even if I wasn't about to have a baby, I don't think I'd be so willing. They lasted the whole night and were just a little cold, but nothing snuggling up next to their dad couldn't fix. 
Nixon and I came out in the morning and Nixon really wanted to get in on the snuggling. But he insisted he needed his blanket, which he has been growing more and more attached to recently. So he ran back inside and returned shortly after with it in hand and got cozy.


August Happenings 2018

August kept us pretty busy! We did a ton of yard projects... see more here.

We put on a yard sale and were glad it was successful. What we were not glad about was when Nixon took a bat in the house and broke our TV while we were helping customers.
The girls also did a bake sale and had lot of customers!

I had a girls night out with my friend Analise. We went to a boutique party and then to dinner.

Sophie and Nixon ran around in front of this big colored wall at the outlet mall before I ran in to make a quick return.

We put sod in around our trampoline.

We had a ward linger-longer after church one Sunday.
(This is probably the most unflattering picture of me, but is shows just how big my bump is.)

I potty trained Nixon this month. He's trained during the day, but not naps or night time yet. We are also still working on going #2 in the potty. We've had one success, but he usually goes #2 during nap time. 

We had our rug and some of our tile professionally cleaned. You can see how clean the rug was when we bought it (since there has been a couch on part of it), and how dirty it got after 1.5 years. Plus, we do not wear shoes in our house! Yuck! The cleaner cleaned it, but couldn't get it as clean as it was originally, but at least it's cleaner than it was and sanitized. 
Here is a side by side of the tile clean and dirty. 

I spent a day shopping a making over 30 freezer meals for when baby #4 comes.

Last but not least, we went to Rob's Uncle Dick's 90th birthday party and hung out with extended family.

Yard Projects of 2018

Rob and I have spent a good deal of our summer working on yard projects. From jackhammering, to hauling over 10,000 lbs. to the dump, to putting in sod, a cement pad, to bringing in topsoil and compost, planting bushing, and pulling hundreds of weeds. We've spend just about every Saturday working and filling up our garbage can to capacity 2 days after it was dumped. We still have a few small projects to complete, but we have done most of our major ones and all before baby #4 arrives in the next week or so. Phew!
So here are a few photos I snapped on my iphone to remember how far we have come. 

We had a big field of weeds behind our garage and decided to put in a cement pad.

We even let the kids leave their mark on the new cement pad.

We pulled a ton of weeds, hauled away a bunch of pavers, and put sod in all around the in-ground trampoline we put in the summer before.

We spent multiple weeks taking out and hauling away 6,500 lbs, of the foundation to a cement wall that was no longer standing.

We also laid brick pavers along our driveway, brought in compost, planted several bushes, and had a drip line installed.

We put a sidewalk in along our garage and also planted plants along the side.

Last, but not least, when we had to put in a new and very expensive sewer line, they tore up a long path along our yard and it was just a big pile of rocks and dirt, until it became a path of weeds. So we weeded, hauled away the big rocks, put down topsoil, and laid sod to fix it.

We are pretty happy with how our yard has come along, but to say we are tired of yard work is an understatement. The past few weeks we have really enjoyed spending time out in our backyard with the new patio and love to see our pretty bushes out the front door!

Nutella Face

I came downstairs to find this little guy trying to wash off the evidence that he snuck into Nutella. You can't ever fool your mama when you're two.


Pregnancy Update | Baby #4 | 36 Weeks

Well I'm 36 weeks pregnant!!! I can't believe how slow this pregnancy has gone (wink wink). No really, I've endured so many pregnant days I'm getting really excited to meet this baby! I thought Nixon would be our last baby because I just didn't think I could do another pregnancy, but we wanted one more so bad so here I am again growing a baby in my belly... what a miracle! 
This pregnancy has been different than the others in lots a ways and similar in others. In the first trimester I was very sick and throwing up all day and night. I didn't throw-up quite as severely as I did with Nixon, but I didn't feel much of a relief from nausea either. And I didn't start feeling better till about 20 weeks. Throughout this pregnancy I have had all the typical pregnancy symptoms... aversions (especially liquids... even water, chicken, chocolate), sensitivity to smells (deodorant, the dishwasher, trash can, shampoo and conditioner, all soaps), tiredness, heartburn, swelling in my hands and feet, feeling super hot, backaches, feeling overwhelming uncomfortable, insomnia, leg cramps, and a whole bunch of other symptoms I'm forgetting because of "pregnancy brain". Ha ha. Also this baby has sat much lower then any of my other babies. Which now I know the feeling of a pregnant mom's urgency of needing to pee. I've still been exercising during this pregnancy, but haven't had as much energy as I did exercising with Nixon. I've also surpassed all my other babies pregnancy weight and I can just tell pregnancy is harder the older I get.
We're to the point where we've only got a few weeks left before all our lives change and we get to bring a little baby into our family. We're all so excited!


First Day of School 2018

School is in and my girls are so happy. Both of them love school. Molly started a week earlier than Sophie. She is in 2nd grade and loves her teacher Mrs. R.
Kindergarteners start a week later than the rest of the grades. Sophie was super excited when it was her turn to head to school. She also loves her teacher Mrs P and it's a little crazy dropping her off and watching her run into elementary school. When did she get so big!