Jack Hammering

We spent a whole Saturday working in the yard and 3.5 hours jack hammering the foundation of an old concrete wall. This is our big project this year... to get this part of our yard looking better than a bunch of weeds with a cement line down the middle. I spent a few hours weeding this area on Friday so it'd be ready to work on during the weekend. We  still have a lot of cement to haul off and a lot more work, but most of the concrete is broken up thanks to Rob and his big muscles (that jackhammer is heavy!).



Spring Break Part 4

On Tuesday, after breakfast at the hotel, we headed back to St. George. Our first stop with the kids was Thunder Junction All Abilities Park. It was a bit chilly so the kids played on the playground for a while and then eventually made their way to the splash pad.
Sophie was the only brave one to go under the waterfall.
After the park we when to a Mexican restaurant and then headed up Snow Canyon. We hiked to the white rocks amphitheater.
At the amphitheater we met some people who were sledding down the sand and who share all their sand toys with our kids.
Nixon loved playing in the sand so much that when it was time to leave we had to load a kicking and screaming Nixon into the hiking pack. To his credit he was pretty tired and even fell asleep in the pack on the hike back to the car.
After our hike we fulled up on gas and headed home. We stopped in Beaver for dinner at a small town diner and got home pretty late.


Spring Break Part 3

On Monday we were up and ready pretty early. We had breakfast at the hotel, but still had time to burn before the Springs Preserve opened. So we drove out to the Welcome to Las Vegas sign and then drove down the strip.
We bought a pass to the Springs Preserve when we were in Las Vegas back in December because it was only a few cents more that what we were already paying for our day tickets. So we were lucky enough to make it back to the preserve so soon.
The kids loved showing Rob everything they remembered from a few months ago. (This was Rob's first time.)
Last time we were there we couldn't take the train out to boom town because it was closed for just those who signed up to see Santa, so it was fun to still have new things to see and do.
After we all tired out from the Preserve we went back to the hotel. Rob took the girls swimming and I stayed in the room while Nixon took a much needed 3 hour nap. 
When Nixon woke up we all went down and walked around the strip. We've never been to the Venetian, but since our recent trip to Venice we wanted to see it. We also took the kids to McDonald's and then got some gelato before we headed back to the hotel.