Nixon 9 months

Things about Nixon this past month...
  • He's cruising. He likes to do laps around his crib. His movements remind me of a bear the way he stands and goes back down on all fours.
  • He squeals with joy and his screams are so LOUD! He kind of sounds like a velociraptor. There have been a few times he's squealed in my ear and it makes my ears ring and temporarily go deaf!
  • He's started waving hello (first time Oct 5th). Sometimes he flaps his hand and other times waves side to side from the wrist. He loves to wave to me and to himself in the mirror.
  • He's starting to sign. Just a bit. He's signed 'milk', but I think he uses it for 'food 'and he's signed 'more'.
  • He cut two front teeth on the top and one on the bottom. He's got another bottom one just about to break through.
  • He knows when I take him in his room that it's time for sleep. He always arches his back in protest, but calms down when I sing to him.
  • He likes to pull things out of the plug. He always unplugs our nest cam and our plug scents. He also likes to play with the toilet scrubber if we forget to close the bathroom door.
  • He still wakes one to two times a night to nurse.
  • He loves to play and splash in water.
  • He is still so smily! Even though he smiles a lot we can never get enough!


Scarecrow Festival - Thanksgiving Point

Saturday, we took our family, my sister, and nephew to see the scarecrow festival at the Thanksgiving Point Gardens. It was such a beautiful fall morning! We all enjoyed walking around and seeing the scarecrows! It was also fun to see the new Light of the World Garden filled with statues of Christ. Last time we were here they were in the process of completing it. It was really well done.
At noon we let the kids play on the bounce houses and enjoyed some authentic Peruvian food.


BYU Homecoming Parade

Saturday we drove down to BYU campus for the homecoming parade. This was my first homecoming parade, even though I spent for years here at school. I'm not sure how I missed it four times?! We set up our chairs right next to the duck pond and had about an hour wait before the parade got to us. So while we waited, me and the girls walked around and explored. I have to say it's always fun to be on campus! It brings back so many fun memories!
After the parade we went to the Edge Homes Pumpkin Bash. It was crazy! We went last year and it was fun, but pretty busy. This year was twice as busy! It was basically a circus. I don't think we'll go next year with the amount of crowds it brings in so it was fun to do one last time. I'm sad I didn't take one picture! I wish I'd gotten a picture of the line we waited in for over an hour!


Hee Haw Farms

Sophie had a preschool field trip to Hee Haw Farms last week. The plan was to drop her off and I'd take Molly and Nixon to the new play place at the University Mall until Sophie was finished.

I put in the address her teacher gave us in my phone the night before so I knew what time we needed to leave. It took longer to get out the door than I was hoping and so we were going to get there right on time, but not a few minutes early like I planned. So we drove right to the place my phone GPS lead us and found we'd gone to a bunch of office buildings.?! So I quickly texted her teacher that we were lost, but we were coming. So I put the address in my phone again and made sure to put it in exactly like she'd given us and found that we were still 10 minutes away! I knew there was a Hee Haw Farms in Pleasant Grove, but the address said Lindon and I figured there were 2 farms and we needed to go to the Lindon one. So we drove 10 minutes to the other address and when it took us to a neighborhood I realized the address her teacher gave me was wrong and that it had to be the one in Pleasant Grove!

I decided I'd better call Sophie's teacher and let her know since she hadn't responded to my text and we were now 15 minutes late. When I looked her up in my contacts I realized I didn't have her phone number, only her email, and so she didn't get my previous text. Grrr! But thankfully my phone rang right then and it was her. She wanted to know if we were coming to the farm. So I explained what had happened and we put in the address to the farm in Pleasant Grove and finally found it!

We were only a half hour late! And by that time I was not going to take the other kids to the play place and asked if I and my kids could come in. We paid the field trip rate and went in. Molly, Nixon, and I had a blast. Sophie was with her class so we didn't see her at all until it was time to pick her up. And sadly I didn't any photos with her in them...
Molly went down the slide, and swung on the tire swing.

We went through the corn maze and picked a pumpkin in the patch.

Our favorite part was the huge box filled with corn.


Molly's Reflections Submissions

Molly participated in Reflections this year. She chose to submit 3 items. It was a great teaching opportunity. We watched online tutorials for 2 of the divisions and learned a lot about how to write a poem, and make a still-motion video.

Literature: Poem

Visual Arts: Painting

Film: geteng lost in yeloston


Nixon's Head 2 Month Update

Nixon's worn his helmet for 2 months now. Here's his progress...

I see a lot of change between the 'before' picture and at '1 month'. The change is very subtle between '1 month' and '2 months'.
From the font he's just so handsome you wouldn't think he'd need a head-shaping helmet.


Molly Looses Her First Tooth

On Tuesday (Oct 4, 2016) Molly kept showing me how wiggly her front bottom tooth was. It was wiggly, but I thought she had a few more days before it came out. She was pretty sure it was coming out that day and she was so excited! Before she left for school I tried pulling it out, but it I thought it need more time. 
So after school and Rob came home from work, she wanted help pulling it out. Rob started pulling and Molly quickly changed her mind. Rob kept pulling and there was some serious terror in Molly's eyes. Once Rob stopped pulling she did not want his help again. 
She needed a little bit of encouragement to try again and then she started pulling it out herself.
And she did it! She pulled it out all on her own! Then the tears dried right up and she was so excited again. It's crazy how quickly emotions can change!

I spent the rest of the evening designing and making a little holder for her tooth and preparing for the tooth fairy to visit. Molly was pretty curious about what the fairy uses teeth for so she wrote her a little note.
When Molly woke up the next morning she discovered the tooth fairy did come. She left her a little letter and $2.
Molly couldn't wait to spend the money the tooth fairy left her and requested a quick trip to Target. She bought a Mamba and some glow sticks with her money.