Father's Day 2018

Molly’s favorite thing about her dad is when he plays outside with her, Sophie loves cuddling with her dad and Nixon loves when he reads him books every night. We’re all so grateful for this great dad.! 
Nixon sure had a good impression of Elton John. He insisted on wearing these American Doll glasses to church. And snuck them on for a photo. Ha ha.


Kids on the Car

Rob went across the street to help the new neighbors move in and the kids sat on the hood of the car watching him and eating Otter Pops. It was pretty cute.


Nixon's Nap-time Shenanigans

What a stinker! Nixon's room was clean when I put him down for a nap. When I came in to get him I found he'd had a ball during nap time.


Kiddie Pool

We broke out the kiddie pool the other day and the kids loved it.


Sophie Plays the Piano

I looked over to see Sophie tinkering at the keyboard in the prettiest light... and so a little photoshoot ensued.


May 2018 Happenings

In May I found the girls both asleep in the same bed. So cute!

Molly came home from school one day and found the sunniest place to lay down and take a little rest.

I got a quick photo of Nixon and I together. I had one chance to get it before he was off on his way.

The next thing he did was find a pen and paper to color on.

Sophie's preschool hosted a Ma Spa for Mother's Day. She gave me a massage, painted my nails, and we watched a couple videos of all the preschool kids.

I caught Molly sleeping in the living room one afternoon. As soon as Sophie and Nixon realized she was asleep they were instantly trying to wake her up. Haha

I went on a sewing kick in May. I sewed Nixon a new sleeping sack (hoping it would help keep him in his crib),
a new apron,
matching shorts for Molly and her doll,
and a nightgown for Molly.

Rob bought us tickets to the Lateran Fest back in Feb. We went in May and it was pretty cool to see. All the waiting, people, lines, and parking fee was a different story.

Sophie had her first gymnastic exposition.

Nixon has continued to climb out of his crib. This day I found him sitting on his chair looking at books.

Sophie graduated from preschool.

We broke down and loaded 6500 lbs of concrete into a truck and took it to the dump.

Rob and I went out for a fancy dinner. It was six courses and pretty delicious. 

We went up to Kamas to visit my parents and didn't get back till late. All the kids fell asleep on the way home.

On Memorial Day we had breakfast at the fire station.

Molly's Last Day of 1st Grade

So proud of this girl finishing 1st grade! This was her first year going to all day school and she loved it.


Memorial Day 2018

For Memorial Day we ate breakfast at the fire station. They sound alarms all morning long to bring the crowds down and there sure was a crowd when we got there. Rob so graciously waited in line while the kids and I walked around until we'd moved up quite a bit in the line. We had sausage, eggs, pancakes, and milk.
Around noon my brother Cameron stopped by to see our house and have lunch before he and his son Luke headed to the airport to return home to SC. Our house was looking extra nice with all the flowers in the window boxes.