Welcoming Baby Jack

I finally put together Jack's birth video. It's longer than most of my videos, but I wanted to remember it all. Putting the video together was like reliving that special day and I loved watching his birth over and over again.


Jack... and Sophie on the Bed

Jack was looking particularly cute one day so I grabbed my camera to take a few pictures. Sophie decided to join in and the last picture is my favorite! 
(Jack: 13 weeks. Sophie: 6yrs)


We bought a pass to the aquarium and went a couple times over the break. The kids loved our visits. And I'm excited to have a place to take the kids this coming year!


Christmas Day 2018

We started our Christmas festivities with a big Christmas Eve dinner. We invited my sister Jen over and had our traditional ham, potatoes, green beans, rolls, slush and Christmas pretzel salad. We even set the table fancy and Molly loved helping.
After dinner we drove around looking at Christmas lights. The kids left out cookies for Santa and carrots for the reindeer and headed to bed.

In the morning, before we started, we made sure to get a picture on the stairs before the kids came down to see all their presents. We invited Rob's brother Brent over for the morning and he was downstairs waiting for the fun to start. 
Nixon was excited to see what was in his stocking and presents and didn't have much patience waiting for siblings to his siblings to open any of their presents.
Here Sophie is with her pile of presents.
Here's Molly with hers.
Here's Jack and Brent with his.
Molly and Sophie got the Calico Critter House they asked Santa for. Molly's reaction was just what every parent wants to see on Christmas.
Jack even worked at opening a few of his own presents.
Jack's presents this year.
Nixon's presents.
Shared presents.
Molly's presents.
Sophie's presents.
The kids got a advent calendar that I made for them. My family had one of these growing up and we loved it so much. It was always a race to get downstairs to put an ornament on the calendar tree. I hope my kids will love it just as much.
My gifts. (I actually returned the watch.)
Rob's presents.