October Happenings 2017

October started with Sunday General Conference. The kids kept busy during the morning session with conference bingo, a bag of skittles, and cinnamon rolls. Also, I remember as a child feeling like 2 days of conference lasted FOREVER, but now it is over much too quick!
After the Sunday afternoon session we drove the Alpine Loop to see all the pretty fall colors. It was pretty cold outside, but we made a stop at Bridal Veil Falls.
We took our van into the shop to get the door fixed. I walked around town for 4 hours and they said they needed it longer so they let me take it home for the afternoon. We ended up having to take it in for 3 full days and then another day because when they put the door on they forgot to hook a cable back up so the window could go up and down. Car problems are the worst!... and expensive!
Nixon helping himself to breakfast.
I cut 8 inches off my hair! While at my appointment I found out that my friend had booked an appointment right after mine, so I just stayed and hung out for her hair cut.
Sophie and Nixon snuggled under a blanket and watched a show. It last for a blissful 20 minutes.
Nixon loves riding his scooter, even in the freezing cold.
A friend and I went to a playdate with @wanderandscout at Gardner Village. It was fun and I came home with a pair of cute socks.
Molly was jealous that the kids and I went to Garner Village without her so she begged and we took her that Saturday.
We had a lot of peaches from our tree to use so I made all sorts of peach recipes. My favorite recipe, not the one pictured, was this Brown Bagged Peach Pie.
Sophie went on a field trip to Hee Haw Farms.
While sewing up a storm for Halloween I taught Molly some basics to sewing and she couldn't get enough.
We went to watch my niece open her mission call. She was called to Milan, Italy. If you look closely you can see a big smile on Nixon's face. That was because he was second away from bonking me on the head :)
Rob took the kids to Hee Haw farms one Saturday morning so I could work on editing photos without any distractions.
This was the 4T dress (inside out) that I found at the D.I. and converted into the Beast costume for Nixon.
I made all the kids costumes this year and they were two beauties and a beast. In 2016 and 2015 they were Mary Poppins. 2014 they were Dorothy and a scarecrow. 2013 they were a ladybug (or devil) and an angel.
We went to Sonia's birthday party dressed in Halloween attire.
I caught Molly standing on my kitchen aid to reach snacks in the pantry.
We picked all our carrots, beets, and sweet potatoes. 
I took my niece's senior portraits. She's a beauty!!!
Molly took some multiple exposure shots for reflections. I just found out she won something in her age and category. We'll go to the awards night on Nov 16th to find what she won.
These huge trees in our backyard were so pretty when they turned this golden yellow. I wish fall lasted longer. Once they turned they fell off the tree much too fast.
We dressed up for our ward Halloween party night.

I looked out the window to see Rob and Nixon cuddling on the trampoline watching home videos. I got a couple picture before I rushed off to pick up the girls from their primary program practice. Which speaking of the primary program... Molly had a solo. She sang the first verse of As a Child of God. She was so brave and did a great job!
We spent an afternoon at the Thanksgiving Point Gardens.
Sophie dressed up in her Belle costume for preschool.
Rob got his face painted like It at work.
Sophie, Nixon, and I went to watch Molly's Halloween parade at school. 
We celebrated Halloween with soup with my parents and trick-or-treating.

Halloween 2017 Video

I almost forgot to post this video of the kids getting ready to trick-or-treat!

Halloween 2017

For Halloween this year Molly had many ideas about what she wanted to be. She settled on a pineapple for her and a strawberry for Sophie, but Sophie can be very particular and she did not want to be a strawberry! I knew I had a pattern for princess dresses and asked her if she wanted to be Belle. She said yes, yay, so I went and picked up some fabric and started sewing. When Molly came home from school and found that I was sewing a dress for Sophie she was pretty jealous and said she wanted to be Belle. So I told her she could be Belle too and showed her Belle's blue dress. I picked up some blue fabric that I found in the clearance bin. It was the closet color I could find to Belle's blue dress, but it was only 3/4 a yard and I didn't know if it was enough fabric. So I decided to sew her this cute little pinafore dress. I didn't know how much fabric I needed so hope it had enough. So it turned out I didn't have as much fabric as the pattern called for (for the skirt) but I made it work and even had enough for a bow and a tiny bit left over.
Once I finished the girls dresses I decided to make a costume for Nixon too. I went to the DI in search of either a red or blue long-sleeved onsie to turn it into Gaston or the Beast. I didn't find either, but I did find a girls 4T blue velvet dress with a ruffled neckline and pearly buttons down the front. I spent a good amount of time deciding if I thought could convert it into a little suit jacket for Nixon. Plus, it was $4 and I didn't want to pay that much. So I decided I'd see if I could get it for less and if I could I'd buy it. It took a lot of effort to negotiate it down to $2 since the cashier offered $3 and her manager came over and said he honestly thought it should be marked $6! What! To my defense it looked like it was missing buttons and it had a bunch of stains on it and I thought $2 was more than fair. The manager finally agreed and I bought it. I also found a yellow vest that just barely fit Nixon, which was a fantastic find. I came home and figured out how to make the dress a coat with two long tales in the back and cuffed sleeves. I took the ruffle off the neck and sewed them to the sleeves then I rearranged some of the buttons and added fancy trim to the neckline and cuffed sleeves. Nixon's pants were sewn from left over curtain fabric I had in my stash, and I made a little cravat neck tie from some old sheet fabric. Right after I'd completed his costume we went to a cousins birthday party where the kids could dress in their costumes and everyone kept thinking he was just a prince so I knew he needed a beast head. I picked up some furry fabric and made this little beast hat to complete the look.
On Halloween my parents came down to go out trick-or-treating with us and the kids. We had some soup and bread before we headed over to our old neighborhood to trick-or-treat. 
Nixon was your typical one year old. He wanted to eat every treat right after he picked it. Sophie had a blast, but Molly had come down with something and was trying to enjoy trick-or-treating but just looked and felt miserable. She eventually asked to go home.


Fall at Thanksgiving Point Gardens

Rob got his work's pass to Thanksgiving Point over the weekend last Saturday and we decided to go to the Scarecrow festival like we did last year. When we got there we were a little suspicious that we'd missed it by the lack of cars... and that turned out to be the case. They'd finished it the week before. We still went to the gardens and it felt like we had the whole place to ourselves which was nice.

The kids loved putting their hands in all the water fountains.
I let the girls throw some pennies in the water and make a couple wishes. It was so cute to watch!

A nice man gave us half his bag of fish food and the kids loved feeding the fish. It entertained us for a decent amount of time until the fish food was gone and Nixon thought throwing little rocks in the water was a good idea.

The light was so pretty I wanted to get a couple portraits of the girls. So while I snapped away Nixon was in the background screaming and crying and trying to break free of Rob's grasp so he could hug and wipe his boogers on my leg. He wasn't feeling too good and coming down with a cold. So these shots might look peaceful, but were nothing but peaceful.