Kids in the Tub

Yesterday all the kids took a bath together. Normally Nixon takes a shower with Rob each morning, but Rob had to leave early and Nixon was still sleeping. It worked out for the best though because Molly always puts up a fight when it's bath time so I told her Nixon could get in the bath with them and she decided that was a great idea. So this was the kids first bath altogether! And it was so cute seeing them all in the tub. 


Nixon 8 Months

Things about Nixon this past month:
  • He likes when I kiss his cheeks and lips after I put him down to sleep. It makes him smile!
  • He learned how to pull himself up to standing position and has even started cruising a bit.
  • If he sees me with food he crawls over to me hoping he'll get to have some of whatever I'm eating. It reminds me of a begging dog, but much cuter!
  • He arches his back, like a pro, when he's upset about something.
  • He knows and responds to his name.
  • He likes getting in the shower with his dad each morning.
  • He slept a 12 hour stint during the night when he turned exactly 8 months old.
  • He prefers to sleep on his stomach.
  • He's been teething all month and finally his right front tooth cut through and is just barely peeking out of his gums.

Nixon and Sophie at their Desk

While working at my computer I turned around to see Sophie, in her little witch tights, and Nixon playing together. Sophie may have not considered it 'playing' because Nixon kept trying to grab everything she had and she kept yelling at him, "stop ruining my activity!"


Sophie and an iPad

Sophie is pretty good at playing by herself and lately she likes to watch a little show on the iPad when Molly heads off to kindergarten. Everyday she picks a new spot and today was our bedroom chair.

Nixon's Head 1 Month Update

Nixon's worn his plagiocephaly helmet for a month now. I can definitely see a difference, even though it's slight. You can tell his head is not cone-ing like it was in the picture below on the left. Yay! Things are happening! When he first went in his head measured at 98% (It should be around the low 80's). This week his head was measured and it'd gone down to 94%. We still have a ways to go, but it's going in the right direction!


Nixon and Molly in a Crib

Last week I happened to be right outside Nixon's bedroom door when he woke up from a nap one afternoon. I had my camera in hand, since I was trying to sneak a few photos of Sophie who was in the other room. When I opened the door I thought I'd take a few little video clips of him standing in his crib, then Molly came in and it turned into more than just a few videos.
A couple days later I was reviewing our baby cam and saw the clip of this little photo shoot. I made it into a one minute timelapse. I've never seen myself photographing so it was kind of fun to see.


The Kids Were Here

Trying to embrace my kids play messes and see more than just the mess. On Tuesday when I went into the girls room this is how I found it. It's fun to see what they choose to play with and imagine what they were doing and thinking.
Nixon came along with me and I can never resist taking his photo when I have my camera out.


South Fork Park

Sunday was Stake Conference. I'm always a little worried about keeping my kids quiet and reverent for 2 hours during the meeting, but this time Stake Conference went really smoothly. Nixon slept for the first hour and a half and Molly colored a story I printed out and Sophie was entertained by Rob. It was great. I felt like I could actually listen to the talks and they were pretty good. And we thought the choir was excellent too.
After our meetings we had Rob's brother Brent over for lunch. We hung out for the afternoon then drove up past Vivian park to see Shady Nook, the cabin the Williams spent lots of time at as children. On the way back we stopped at South Fork Park.


Grotto Falls

We headed down to Payson to drive part of Nebo Loop and take a little hike with the kids. On the loop the fall leaves were like a rainbow of green, reds, and yellows. It was beautiful. I wish we did the full loop, but we stopped to hike to Grotto Falls. It turned out to be a great hike with our kids. Short and not too hard. Sophie did struggle with the bumpiness of the trail a bit (tree roots, rocks) and fell a couple times, which set her off and she was a bit whiny. But the rest of us loved it. Molly kept saying, "This is kind of fun!" the entire hike. And it was! On the way out we stopped and had a picnic.