Christmas Eve 2017

Christmas Eve we spent with my brother and sister. We first went to church for sacrament meeting where we sang and listened to Christmas songs.
In the evening we had a big Christmas Eve dinner.
My brother made the most delicious beef I've ever eaten. Seriously the best!
My plate of food. It was all so yummy!
After we acted out the nativity. Molly was Mary, Sophie was the star, and Nixon was baby Jesus.
To finish the night we played a candy bar game and let the kids all open one present (they all got new pajamas).


A Day in Tucson

The day after we arrived in Arizona Rob had to work so we mostly hung out with my brother Logan's family and took it easy. Then on Friday we headed to Tucson. On our way we stopped at Rooster Cogburn's Ostrich Ranch. We went to the ranch several years ago when Sophie was about 1 years old and it was a lot of fun. So I knew our stop would be a hit with the kids... and it was!
We started by feeding the parakeets.
Then moved on to feeding the deer and goats.         
Rob even put a pellet of food in his mouth and got a goat kiss (check out the video below to see the kiss!)
After the goats we fed the ostriches... and those guys are intense.
Next we feed the white goats and then...
the bunnies.
The ducks were pretty aggressive too and the kids didn't dare feed them, but they didn't mind watching Rob and I feed them.
Next we moved on to feeding the lorikeets. To feed them you hold out a container of nectar and they land on your arm, pop of the lid, and start drinking.
For some reason they kept landing on Molly's head. Haha.
We had a little bit more bunny feed so back to the bunnies we went.
Lastly, we feed the sting ray squid. Which was pretty cool.
Check out the video of our visit... you'll see just how intense those ostriches are.

After, we sat at some picnic tables and I made the kids what we call 'banana boats' which are bananas and Nutella wrapped in tortillas.  From there we got back in the car and finished our drive to Tucson.

Our first stop was to our friends house. Rochelle, my friend, offered to have our kids over to play while Rob and I went to the new Tucson temple.
We were excited to see the Tuscon temple since it was announced while we were living in Tucson. Rob and I did initiatories.
After we headed back to my friends house and picked up the kids and we all went back to show the kids and walk around the temple grounds. 
From there we went to Chick-fil-a for dinner and then headed to see Christmas lights at Winterhaven.
After we made the 2 hour drive back to Gilbert.