Molly in the Snow

When we woke up Tuesday morning the ground was covered in freshly fallen snow. Molly really couldn't wait to get out in the snow. I had to convince her to eat breakfast and get dressed first. So as soon as she did those two things she was outside.


Nixon 9 - 10 Months

Nixon is 10 months! Things he is doing...
  • opening cupboards and drawers 
  • bouncing to the beat of music
  • starting to be a little afraid of strangers
  • sticking his tongue in and out really quick
  • pushing things around one handed
  • climbing up stairs
  • grinding his 4 teeth together
  • head-butting dad with his helmet
  • loves taking showers
  • bites


Thanksgiving 2016

Thanksgiving didn't go as we'd planned. We were going to head out to Roosevelt early in the morning to spend the day with family at my brother's house. Just after I put Sophie to bed the night before she threw up. Then had an upset stomach the rest of the night. We were pretty sure she had the stomach flu. That morning we thought we'd have to cancel and spend Thanksgiving just the 5 of us, but at about 11am we decided to make the 2+ hour drive and go. Sophie did well and was feeling much better by the time we arrived. 
There were 4 of my 8 siblings there plus my parents and several nieces and nephews. It was fun.
After dinner I had a quick photoshoot and then we ate pie and drove home.

Apples and Lemons

On Thursday (Nov 17th), I texted Rob and told him my day was filled with too many lemons! It was only noon, but my day was not going well. It started in the wee hours of the night when Nixon continued to wake up crying. He wouldn't nurse, had a small fever, and wasn't feeling well. I found out what it must be like having a baby with colic. Nixon and I got hardly any sleep that night. Then came the rest of the lemons...

  • I had to skip my workout at the gym
  • Sophie spilled a glass of chocolate milk all over the floor
  • It snowed (blizzard-like) for the first time this season
  • Had to take Nixon and Molly into the doctor's office
  • Nixon and Molly both had ear infections
  • Nixon had his head appointment that day and only grew .1%
  • After I mixed up Nixon a bowl of rice cereal, it slipped out of my hands and spilled all over the floor
  • Sophie knocked down a tube of glass tea candles and broke several of them on the floor
  • Molly had an accident at school and during my only break of the day I had to run to her school, strip off dirty wet clothes, sponge bathe her in the sink, and put on a new change of clothes

It was a day full of lemons, but I did notice several tender mercies too. The apples of my day...
  • I got to shower in the morning
  • It stopped snowing before I had to drive 20 minutes to the doctor's office
  • I made almost every light on the way to the doctor's office
  • I didn't have to wait too long in the waiting room at the doctors office so I was able to make it to Nixon's 2nd doctor's appointment on time
  • I had a BOGO coupon for a Roxberry smoothie. I tried a new flavor (peenya colada) and it was yummy
  • I didn't have any cars ahead of me in the drive-thru at the pharmacy and at the smoothie shop
  • Nixon took a long afternoon nap
  • Rob made dinner that night
  • I got 3 packages in the mail. It was a little ironic that my one of my mail items said 'happy thoughts'.

So in the end the good and bad evened out, I survived, and the day ended!

Playing on the Playmat

Since it was too cold to play outside, Nixon and Molly enjoyed the playmat I made for the kids last Christmas.
It's been such a nice November and I'm not looking forward for the winter cold to set in just yet!


Nixon 3 Month Head Update

Nixon has been in his helmet for 3 months now. When we went to his 9 month doctor appointment his head hadn't really grown and so it was back at 0% which doesn't not help with the reshaping of his head. It need's to be growing. When we went to his helmet appointment recently his head had only grown a tiny bit on the side of the back of his head. So we'll take whatever growth we can get. His helmet doctor said he'll give him one more month to see if there's any growth. If not he might not wear it anymore because it's not doing much.


Sophie's 4th Birthday

We celebrated Sophie's 4th birthday Sunday! As soon she woke up she came in our room to cuddle. We got some photos and a few video in bed. She kept making this weird face when I asked her to show me how old she was.

She requested pumpkin waffles and so that's just what she got. We gave her the special-day-plate and put some candles on her breakfast.

After breakfast she opened all her gifts. She got a plasma car, a bunny-hooded blanket, a build a straw, a tinkerbell toothbrush, a KitKat, a book, some shopkins, a little girl in a box, and a card with $5 and some balloons (from Grandma and Grandpa).

Mid morning we headed to church. It was fun having her birthday on Sunday because it was actually spread over 3 days. On Saturday we took her to the children's museum and let her pick a place to eat for dinner. She picked McDonalds. On Sunday, she got to see all her friends at church and lots of family in the evening, and on Tuesday they celebrated her birthday at preschool.

After church we drove up to Evanston WY. Rob's nephew was getting the priesthood and they were having dinner after so we got to hang out with family. We brought a big rainbow cake for Sophie's birthday dessert.