Rob's and my road to marriage was long, exciting, bumpy, and the best trip of our lives.
 We met in class at BYU in the fall of 2005. Rob had just transferred up to the Y from MCC and it was my first semester back from my mission. At the time I was trying to decide what major to choose and had signed up for several different classes. I wanted to take an advertising class, but the class was full so I took a basketball class instead. The first day of classes I found out my basketball class was being cancelled and so I needed to find a  new class to replace it. It just so happened that someone dropped their advertising class and I was able to add the class to my schedule. I'm pretty sure it was meant to be since there were so many things that had to fall into place for us to meet and this was the class Rob and I met in.
We ended up sitting one person apart from each other. I actually remember noticing his big, broad shoulders and thinking I wonder what it would be like to date a big guy like that. Rob said he noticed me and thought I was cute.

A couple weeks into the class Rob and I were in line next to each other turning in a paper. We had our first test coming up and I was terrified about it. I turned and asked him what he thought about the upcoming test and the conversation didn't end there. He continued to talk to me out of the building,

 all the way across campus to the library,

 and even a bit there. Even though this was our first meeting, Rob was quite forward and asked me out on a date. I gave him my number, which was actually the wrong number since I'd learned the prefix incorrectly, and he put it in his phone. He said he'd give me a call later with all the details since it was a group date for the next night.
Having the wrong number was actually a great test to see how interested he really was. He called the "number" I'd given him several times until he realized it wasn't mine. And then he went to great lengths to get my number without knowing anything about me but my name. So I got a call Saturday night (Oct 8, 2005) an hour before the date.

I remember it was lightly raining outside when Rob came to pick me up. He was wearing a white suede jacket and I was wearing my favorite jeans, t-shirt, and sweater. We drove to dinner in his Chevy S10 ZR2, just the two of us, and ate at the Malt Shoppe.
After we ate, we met up with the rest of the group at one of their houses where we helped make ice cream. From there we went to the Ice Cats hockey game.
After the game, we went back to the house where we made the ice cream and played games (Curses).
Our first date was the beginning of many dates. We ate out a lot, went to BYU games, watched movies, and we loved spending lots of time together. We dated for about 2 years with 2 relationship breaks (each about a month long), and spent our summer in different states (AZ and CO). But we couldn't stay away from each other and in May of 2007 we bought a blue and white diamond ring.

The ring we chose didn't fit and had to be mailed to the company and remade in the correct size. Rob wasn't about to propose without a ring so we were anxious to get it back so we could make it official. When it finally came it was not the right ring. They had tagged the ring we choose incorrectly and sent that tag off to be made. So there wasn't time for the right ring to be made and mailed to us before the wedding. They so "generously" let us use the incorrect ring for the wedding and then send it back after. So that meant our engagement was very short. Ten days, to be precise.

On August 14th 2007, Rob officially proposed. He spent the whole day preparing and I spent the whole day wanting to see him. As soon and I finished my visiting teaching (ha, I went visiting teaching right before I got engaged!) Rob came to pick me up. He blindfolded me and off we went. It was a long ride, especially long with a blindfold, so after a while I convinced him I had no idea where I was and he let me remove the fold. To my surprise we were somewhere in the woods. Eventually we came to Cascade Springs in American Fork Canyon. He gave me a small bunch of gerbera daisies and a book with pictures and a poem that went like this...

When I think of great times in these last two years,
We've gone through a lot to get us here

And all these moments that we've grown close
These are some that I love most

Remember the time when you talked to me
And I talked your ear off to the library
 You said, "see you later."
I thought, "I've got to date her."
So I asked if you're free Saturday

I asked for your digits
But the numbers, I switched it
So I found out another way

I picked you up in my truck
By the pond with duck
You looked so hot; it's something you've got
So I took you down to the Malt Shoppe

We started talking and I wanted to listen

About how much you loved your mission

I was entranced, I was taken
Love hit me hard, I wasn't faking

I played it cool, so we went to watch hockey
We sat with your friends instead of with Scotty

This poem's so lame
I'm really so sorry

We dated for two years
So on with the story

I kept calling
I kept on falling
More in love with you everyday

I could tell you were different
So busy, so efficient
In everything you do and say
We went golfing one night

And I tried with my might
To win in hopes to impress you
But you beat one game
And I could tell you could play
I knew you were my kind of girl

I decided that night
After holding hands tight
That I ought to go in for a kiss

With a hug on your mind
Your head turned to find
My lips completely missed yours

Undaunted from failing
I looked down and lips landed
A kiss not exactly how I planned it.

I called you again and we kept on dating
I couldn't get enough of this Monticello lady

We lived in many places
Made friends with new faces
But there was only one friend that I really needed

We went to lots of games
We cheered, but were ashamed
Of all the weird chants, yells, and hollers

We played a bunch of games and you saw me competitive
I'm sorry about that side, it's one of the negatives

You moved to Arizona and me to Colorado
We talked on the telly, yes even for eight hours

We hung out at libraries, museums, even hiked the Y
Bet you hardly remember the pirate at night

I showed movies considered my favorites
And shared them with you until I had made it
Into your confidence of picking shows 

You showed me coupons, garage selling, and bargain shopping
And saved me money, got me a job mopping

We talked for hours in your car and mine
About life, 'bout us, what things come in time

We went out to eat all over this town
I'm sure there were nights we acted like clowns
Like when I fell on top of you

I wanted to love you, to help you, to serve you
Be loving and kind, for all eternity and time

Be your husband and friend, though times may be tough
And give you my heart, my friendship, my love

So I get down on one knee and ask you one question
Thant's been late in the making At least we didn't rush it

There are more pages in the book left to be written
More memories to make, more pictures to be taken

So we can share our life as we fill this book
With the love for each other, just take a look

After Rob's proposal we walked around a bit then went back to the car to eat the Macaroni Grill take-out he'd brought for us. We had a little picnic and basked in our happiness.

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