The Honeymoon

For our honeymoon Rob and I drove to California and took a cruise with Carnival to Catalina and Ensenada Mexico.
We snapped this photo just before we left. Once we arrived in Long Beach, California we checked in at the hotel before we headed out for dinner and a stroll around the port.
The next morning we boarded the ship and headed out to Catalina Island.Since there is no port in Catalina we had to take tendor boats from the ship to shore. It was a little annoying, but scenic too.

Trying to save money, we spent our time in Catalina walking around the town instead of taking an expensive excursion.
  But in Ensenada, Mexico we decided to take a local tour (since it was a lot more affordable) to Buffadora (a blow hole). We loaded a run-down bus and headed out to the coast. To get to the blow hold you have to go though a strip of shops where the natives haggle you buy something. We meet this lady right outside the shops. She was so short we had to get a picture.
 You can see all the shops behind Rob.

 Buffadora is pretty unique. I guess it one of only a few in the world. 
From Mexico we headed home. We had such a fun time together! It is so amazing being married and having had this experience just to ourselves.


  1. I would kill for some ocean views and sunny weather. Look like you too had a fantastic HM. My favorite pic is the one of Rob with the cute short lady!

  2. ... Regarding the previous comment -- I totally can't spell!!!