Tying the Knot

  Rob and I were married Friday, August 24th, 2007 in the Salt Lake Temple. Early that morning Rob picked me up from the rented house in Provo, we would soon share. We first picked up the bouquet at the flower shop in Salt Lake before we headed to the temple.
At the temple, we filled out paperwork then separated to dress and get ready for the ceremony. We were married by a family friend, Thomas Brown, at 9:40am.
It was a terrifying experience, at least for me. Marriage is so important and so as Rob and were being sealed I couldn’t hold back the tears or rather the sobbing. I was so embarrassed. Someone mentioned that it was cute that I was so happy I cried, but even though I was very happy the crying was nervousness.
After the ceremony, we took pictures around the temple grounds.

Then headed to the Spaghetti Factory for lunch or a ‘roast’ for Rob. Many said very nice and funny things to us, while Rob’s dad decided to embarrass him instead.

After lunch we drove up to my house in Marion for our reception. We held it in my parent’s backyard. The weather was great. We had a dessert bar for refreshments and a pyramid of individually boxed chocolates for guest to take home.

 By the end we were exhausted! Although we had just enough energy to open our gifts before we left.

We packed all the presents in our old, decorated Sentra and headed back to our apartment in Provo… tired and as happy as could be.

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