BYU Sports fans

Rob and I love watching BYU sports. We attended most basketball and volleyball games this past winter. In the fall both of us worked at the football games... Heather taking tickets and Rob as security. Our favorite thing about working the football games was the last few minutes of the game we got to go right down on the field to watch the ending.
At a recent Volleyball game Rob and I arrived much too early, but got fantastic seats. We also were asked whether we wanted to participate in the half-time show. We signed Rob right up and Heather ended up saying yes too. For the half-time show we went out onto the floor and had to serve the volleyball over the net and into a basket. The first to get a ball in the basket won something like a DVD player. Rob did well although he didn't win and Heather was mortified by her first few serves not realizing the net would be so high and far away.

BYU vs. Utah-Basketball BYU Volleyball

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