Heather's trip to AZ

My sister Tiffany and I left our husbands behind and took a trip to Arizona in the middle of March. We stayed with my brother Logan's family.
Sam, me, and ElizaOur first day Tiff and I drove down to Benson and went to Kartchner Caverns . We took a tour of the Big Room. After the caverns we headed to Tombstone.Next was San Xavier Del Bac.Then Picacho Peak. Tiff and I had a crazy experience hiking this mountain. It's normally a 4-6 hour hike, we did it in 2 1/2 hours, not because we're brilliant hikers by any means, but because the park closes at sundown and we started really late. The beginning of the hike was great. We had a pretty good pace as we climbed to the top of the front of the mountain. On the other side of the mountain you hike down using cables like these to help, until you start hiking up the mountain again.Once we made it to the peak the sun was setting... which meant the park was closing! 
We were exhausted, but we knew we didn't have much time so we snapped a couple of photos and headed back down.
This is where things got crazy. On our way back down the mountain we came to a fork in the road and didn't remember which one we came from. We we made a decision and continued but about a half hour later realized it was the wrong fork. We were getting nervous since we had drunk all our water on the way up, we had no cell phone to communicate with anyone, no supplies or a flashlight and it was getting dark quick. I wanted to retrace our steps but Tiffany thought she could almost see the path where we needed to be. She started off the trail looking, but couldn't quite see it so she continued off the trail. Soon she was far enough away to where I couldn't see or hear her. So despite not wanting to get off the trail I went in search after her. Off the trail... where the snakes, Gila Monsters, and who know what else could be.
I was so scared and mad at her for getting so far away, but I did find her. We said a quick prayer to help us find the trail again then headed straight up the mountain, slipping on loose rocks and getting little cacti splinters in our hands. Our prayer was answered and we eventually found the trail again. Oh what relief! I thought we were going to be on the 10 O'clock news.
Once on the trail we had a difficult part to hike or rather pull ourselves up the steep incline with the cables. We were so thirsty! I can't remember a time when my mouth was so dry. But we made it to the top, rounded the side of the mountain and started running down the other side. It was getting darker and darker and it was becoming really hard to see. But we did make it to the bottom and we're glad to see our car, a big bottle of water waiting for us, and open gates for us to exit the park. 

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