The Natural Man Is an Enemy to Rob ... and Heather

Today, we were leaving for church ten minutes early because Heather had a lesson that she has been preparing for about every day since her last one a month ago. Just as we got out the door, and I began to close it, I realized that I had only my wallet on me, with the keys to the apartment and the car sitting on the counter. In the split second that the door was open and the realization of no keys and no phone occurred, my natural man took over and closed the door. This exponentialized (I don't know if that is a real word) not only our anxiety but the anxiety of the newly called relief society president who would probably think that Heather is playing hookie instead of doing the lesson. I began speed walking over to some members' home around the corner, who were perpetually late, and what do you know - they were already at church. Heather came teetering (because of her newly-purchased-pointy-heels) after me and told me to run ahead to the neighbor's house. We eventually (after five rounds of knocking) got a hold of our single neighbors who share the triplex with us to get us a ride to church. Fortunately, we got a hold of the landlord to open the door by the time we got home and ... I was told Heather gave a great lesson.

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