May 08

  Rob's nephew Joseph got baptize May 31st so we drove up to Evanston for it.. After we went to the Bear Lake festival. We did a little paddle boating and took a little stroll on the trail.

Rob and I invited 6 of our nieces and nephews over for the Memorial Day holiday (plus my sister Jennifer).

We spent some take at the park, played video games,
 swung on the tire swing in the front yard,And slept in tents in the back yard. Although the weather was supposed to be fine, it rained during the night and then the sprinklers turned on at 4am. We eventually came inside and finished the night. We had a lot of fun.

We upgraded from our $20 white yard sale couch...

for this used couch (also from a yard sale).

Since Rob started growing a beared we had go get some pictures of it.
 Rob's beard at 3 weeks.
 We bought a new shelf at IKEA. The box was too big for our car so we had to open the back windows and put the box through one window and out the other.  Rob put it together.

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  1. Girl, Love your blog. Wish my kids were with you guys on memorial weekend.(Looks like you had your hands full aready though.)I'm sad we've lost touch since we've moved. We'll just have to stay connected thru the blogs. Come see ours. Stay cool. Nancy