Rolley Coasters

Heather and I went to Lagoon and spent some time with Rich and Natalie's family this weekend. I have fond memories of Lagoon and family reunions up there. My dad would always call roller coasters, "rolley coasters" and it always made me lol ;) We took advantage of the 'Date Night' coupon. With the coupon, we got into the park from 5 pm till close for only $40 (it is a sad day when two people going to a overrated amusement park for 5 hours costs only $40). We started at The Bat, then we had a ball on the rocket, we shot over to the Jet Star, and strolled to the Roller Coaster. We almost fell off the Wild Mouse, we got squashed by the Colossus, and we about fell asleep on the Centennial Screamer (where we refused to scream despite the ride operators constant instruction to do so or he would not start nor end the ride).
Whenever I see a big line I think this must be a good ride. But as I learned on The Simpsons, the line might just lead to the line for complaints. The Water Luge was one of those lines. It looks fun, but you just end up complaining at the end. It took over an hour to go on the thing and all we did is go down what looked like Lagoon's old sewer pipes, up the out-of-place conveyor belt, and down into the fish-smelling, lake water only to justify it because your hot after standing in lines all day. I guess that didn't work for us because it was late and we were already a little cold. To add insult to an incredible waste of time, when we were leaving to go to Rich and Natalie's we found out our camera had broke sometime between Colossus and the sewer pipes. It was fun, but I think we could have used the money on something more useful, like a quarter tank of gas.
P.S. Some funny sentences we heard from Maddy (who is four) while visiting Rich and Natalie. "I am going to get married when I'm six, or seven, or eight, or fourteen."
Another one: While in the middle of sacrament and the scouts were recounting their adventures at scout camp, Maddy slid off my knee and said, "I've got a wedgie."

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  1. FUN, I think. Wish we could have joined you.