Weekend of Fun

This weekend we had the third annual 97th ward golf scramble (basically, each member hits a shot and then you play the best shot out of your team). Our team consisted of two people who didn't know what a handicap was and someone with a handicap of one (I'll give you a hint - his name wasn't Rob). We started off rough with a bogey on the first hole, but we bounced back as I drained a lucky 30 footer. Our photographer (Heather) realized that she was just as good as two members of our team, so she joined to help the cause. As evidenced by the picts, she has much better form than me (and a much longer drive). We battled tough for much of the day, switching between bogeys and pars until we got to the fifth whole. Our good guy blasted a 300- foot drive and followed it up with a shot just on the fringe about 25 feet away from the pin. Heather picked up the putter, pulled back and struck the ball. As the ball bent towards the hole, we could tell she chose the right line. We exchanged fist-pounds and high fives as she drained an incredible shot. We ended up in a three way tie for first, but ended up third because of how we played certain holes. We won $15 for a meal at Rumbi's which we preferred over the first place prize of $30 of golfing stuff. Good form. I think it was beginners luck, though.
Notice how I kept my head down, but that didn't result in the ball going up.
A pict taken by the newest photographing talent, Maddy Williams.

The Williams family meeting with Nathalia's mom at Shady Nook. Heather and I watching fireworks during Orem Days at the Target parking lot.


  1. When are you coming to kentucky to visit us? I know you want to!

  2. When do you start golfing Heather???

  3. When DID... correction for above comment.