A Work Party, a Ward Party, and a Wildlife Party

We had an exciting week of fun, with lots of partying. We had a work party for Heather's work at Triple D Ranch where I beat her at horseshoes like a red-headed step child (that red-headed rip doesn't work that well when the authors a redhead). We played on the bouncy slide and even chaperoned the most non-competitive game of musical chairs (err, make that musical paper plates) ever. We had the kids walk around the paper plate profile until we stopped the music and called out a number. The winner, standing on the plate with the number we called out, would get a cupcake. No kids elbowing and boxing out other kids, fighting over a chair (a perpetual seat at the game of life). The game that we played should have been called cupcake, because it was way too easy. Anyway, after cupcake Heather won two free movie tickets playing BINGO, (I was so glad they weren't I-Tunes gift cards, which were given to the two people in front of her, because I probably wouldn't use them) even though many people had multiple BINGO cards using their multiple children as excuses for cheating.
The next party we enlisted in was our Ward Party, which was named the Redneck Olympics. We's dressed up like som ole' Kentuckians an throwed 'round som cowpie frisbee. Heather whupped me like a brunette-headed step child in rematch of the game of horseshoes. We's even made som ice cream in a Ziploc baggy.
The last, but certainly not least party that we had for the weekend was when Doug and Tiffany brought Zach and Tyler down during their overnight stay on their way to Lake Powell. They needed a couple of hours to shop for their trip, so we took Tyler and Zach to the Bean Museum at BYU. They weren't to happy to see their parents go until they saw all the cool wildlife (make that wilddead) at the Bean museum. Tyler couldn't stop pointing and Zach couldn't stop touching (which is not allowed). We finished the party at the Wilkinsons Center with a nice game of Foosball and skeeball. All in all, a pretty partying weekend.


  1. What a fun time you're having. We're jealous that you get to see family more than we do.

  2. You guys are the best!!! Thanks again for taking care of our crazy kids, feeding us a marvelous dinner and letting us take over your bed. I can't wait to do it all again -- can you?

  3. Don't worry, when you have kids you can use them to cheat at Bingo too! LOL!