4th of July Weekend

This weekend we spent the third of July at the Oakley Rodeo where I've grown to love the cowboy way of life. Well maybe I don't love the twangy music, the Wranglers, the brass belt buckles, the Stetson cologne, the Stetson hats, and the quarter horses. But the rodeo, what a ride. The bucking bulls were especially perturbed this time and the riders received the brunt of their wrath.
We spent the Fourth collecting candy with the kids at the Oakley parade (which was basically a moving billboard for Summit County). The exciting part of the parade was when the some of the horses dropped off some of their freshly baked smelly pies right where everyone was throwing the candy to the kids on the street (And health officials are worried about the produce coming out of Florida). Can anyone say salmonella? After the parade we went on a treasure hunt where I got a little confused about one of the clues and led our nephew Tyler astray. We eventually found the booty, but I don't think I would have made a very good pirate. Arrgghhh!!!!
Saturday, we went to a Van Wagoner (Heather's Dad's mom's side) reunion. We had to get name tags with a color system which determined who we would eat with so we could get to know some of our relatives. But, Heather and I foiled there plan by getting two name tags with the same color which resulted in us staying in our shell and our comfort zone at the same time. Heather and I snuck away to a game of throwing two golf balls tied with a rope onto some PVC pipe (basically it's horseshoes for rednecks). She beat me in three straight games. One of those games I had a nine to four lead and we were going to ten. I couldn't score one point...pathetic.

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