No Ordinary Tuesday

July 8th was no ordinary Tuesday. It’s began with the rear of my car being run into, an afternoon of emails ranging from a disgruntled co-worker to a happy birthday email about 3 days too early, and ended with a hit and run. What a strange day.

The Accident6:45 A.M., 6:50, 6:55- The alarm went off.
7:00- I finally got up.
7:45- I left for another day of busting the bad guys.
7:55- I approached a long line of cars waiting at a stop light. Several cars in front of me were travelling a little too fast and they all slammed on their breaks.
7:55:53- I slammed on my breaks avoiding a close call. Pheuuw!
7:55:54-The van behind me slammed on their breaks also avoiding a close call. What a relief.
7:55:55- The car behind the van instead of slamming on the breaks slammed in to the back of the van (completely totaling their car).
7:55:56- The van suddenly slammed into the back of my car. Minor whiplash.
8:05- The ambulance arrive.
8:10- The ambulance left and the police arrived.
8:50- The tow truck arrive to haul away the totaled car.
8:53- The police said it was okay for me to leave.
9:00- I clocked in to work.

Over $800 in damage. But the awesome part is we don't have to pay a thing and we get a rental car for several days. We might not want to go back to the Sentra.

The EmailsMonday morning I received an email from a co-worker who works from our Beverly Hills office and who I’ve never met. I quickly sent off a response to her question. A day an a half later, (Tuesday afternoon) I received an email, along with about 4 other people she copied on to the email, regarding my response. I guess when she read my reply she completely misinterpreted what I said and then freaked out and sent me (and the others she copied others on it) a nasty email accusing me of being very annoyed with her questions and saying I must be having a bad day… and instead of bothering me she’ll just ask her immediate boss. What??? I had no idea what was going on. So I emailed her re-explaining my email in the most basic way. This must have satisfied her, because she quickly emailed back replying… “Way cool!...I had a feeling that’s not what you meant…” Huh? If she had a feeling that’s not what I meant then why the nasty email? I talked to her ‘immediate’ boss about the email and he informed me she tends to be quite dramatic. Go figure.

So the birthday email…. yeah that was funny mistake of mine. I wrote on my calendar, which hangs right beside my computer screen, my brother’s birthday. I kept looking at the date and didn’t think it seemed right, but that’s what I wrote and I couldn’t actually remember the date. The whole day I kept thinking how I needed to send him an email but in the end forgot so a belated email went of the next day (Tuesday). Well my bother replied to me that same day… “I've got some good news for you (and for me). My birthday isn't until July 11 (Friday). So, that means I'm not as old as you think I am, and you didn't actually send me a "belated" birthday message.” So in the end my initial uneasiness with date written on the calendar was correct… Wade got a early birthday greeting.

The Hit and RunSo Tuesday night Rob and I were enjoying a typical night for us of relaxing on the Love Sac and watching a movie. Our front door tends to be open a lot b/c we don’t have good air conditioning and this was the case Tuesday night. Suddenly we heard a loud sound, like a car crash, and hurried outside in curiosity. As I looked down both sides of the road there was no accident. We were confused by this… along with other neighbors who were also checking out the scene. Just before we turned to go back into the house we notice the car parked across the street had something hanging off the mirror… or so we thought. So we crossed the 4 lanes of traffic and realized the car had just been hit. The mirror was barely hanging on and the whole side of the car had been scratched up. Since the car had a ‘for sale’ sign on it we called the owner and left a message and then call the police to report the incident. I just don’t get how someone could just hit a car and then totally take off. We felt really bad for the owner.

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  1. Oh my heck I can't believe that story about the lady in BH. Who the heck was it? I swear some of them are so...well... maybe I shouldn't say it. But you know what I mean!