Snap, Crackle and Pop

I've had a little pain in my neck and headaches since my accident last week. I finally decided to see a chiropractor today and it turns out I sprained my neck. So I'll be going in for therapy and massages to help. Can I just say the twisting and cracking freaks me out. I can't handle hearing others crack their knuckles so hearing my neck and back crack is not cool. I was initially excited for the massages, but they're actually more painful than soothing. In the end though I'm glad I'm getting some help.


  1. Wow, Lots has been happening. I've gotten behind! Sorry about the accident. Hope your neck is better soon. Heather?....Sewing? What? Who does that? you rock. I could never make something that I could actually wear in public!

  2. I feel bad about your neck pain. I hope it doesn't stay with you for years to come. I've always had a pain in my neck -- you. J/K! Luv ya.