An I do, a hair do, and some doo doo

Saturday we went up to Shady Nook (Rob's family's cabin) and spent time with Rob's family. It got pretty crazy when all of the nieces and nephews climbed on Steve's back. Rob's brother Scott was just married July 31st to Nathalia Homolka from Brazil. They had the cutest wedding... Rob and his brother Scott
Waiting for the couple to exit the temple.
I got a hair cut on the 26th. It was suppose to look like Paige Davis' (the RC Willey's model and girl from Trading Spaces) but I think it just makes me look like a little girl. The bangs were a pretty scary addition and not I'm quite sold on them yet.
We spent the 24th of July in Kamas visiting Heather's parents and brother Cameron who was in town (from South Carolina) with his family. In the late afternoon we watched the Parade down main street. The horses did there business again (if you read our 4th of July posting) but we avoided the brunt of it since it was done up the street. There was so much candy thrown that even though it's been a couple weeks, we're still enjoying Salt Water Taffy and Fruitie Tooties.


  1. Heather i love the hair. It looks very hip and freah and totally pulled together. Change is hard but this hair do is a keeper. I wish we would have got to go to Kamas for the parade. So Fun! By the way, i got my blog background @ thecutestblogontheblock.com
    Plan a trip to Kentucky:)

  2. I love your hair and I think the bangs look bangin'!!