Year Mark

I can't believe it's been one year since Heather and I were married. Time flies when you're having fun. This last Saturday, I had the lofty responsibility of planning our first anniversary together. I had very little time to plan since I had been working nine and ten hour days as a blind man (sounded better than a guy cleaning blinds) the week prior. In the morning, we got passport photos (if that's not the most romantic thing I've ever heard for an anniversary, I don't know what is). Then we spent some time at Grandma and Grandpa Powell's house because we had to return some photos we had borrowed and get some more anecdotes for Heather's new genealogy blog (again it can't get more romantic than that, but actually, it was very fun). After a morning of passports and reminiscing, the part I planned got underway. We picked up some lunch and went to Cascade Springs to have a picnic. I proposed on the bridge we are standing on in the picture above about a week before we got married last year (don't ask long story). We were going to hike Timpanagos Cave but the wait was three hours so we passed. We ended up going to Salt Lake to tour the Conference Center since we had some time to burn and neither of us had toured it. Suprisingly, it lasted two hours and was very entertaining. We saw a bunch of original LDS artwork (like those ones where Nephi is ripped and large of stature).
After the tour, we went to Benihanas where the chef cooks your meal Tepanyaki-style right in front of you. It was our first time there, while the people we sat with were Benihana veterans. They ordered various sushi rolls and when the waitress came by with a plate full of these rolls from California, I thought I was at Sam's Club and grabbed one thinking it was a free sample. It wasn't. But I did get a taste of the Benihana veterans' food.

I got the Filet Mignon and Heather got the chicken. It was the most tender and delicious medium rare steak that I had ever eaten. Heather felt like she was eating raw meat when she tried mine. The highlight of the meal was when the chef took the layers off an onion and inverted them to make it look like a volcano.

After Benihanas, we took a walk around the block to the Kearns Building where a bunch of movies had been filmed because of the ornate marbled lobby. I then told Heather this is where I would working. She was really excited since I had been looking for a job like a blind man looks for a bathroom. We then went to Clark Planetarium where we saw a laser light show set to the music of U2.


  1. ROB, your still the same funny guy...even after a year of marriage:) And i cant believe its only been a year, it seems like alot longer, and i'm still so bummed i missed out on your guys' wedding! Maybe next time! I'm interested to look at Heather's geneology blog, sounds like a good idea...I hope you get to use your passports sometime soon or before any little ones come anyways, i always recommend HongKong!!

  2. Rob, you crack me up. Congratulations on staying married for a year and for getting a new job. Tell us more about your new job!