Ward Campout

Last week we had our ward camp out at Hobble Creek just outside Springville. We showed up fashionably late which translated into being the last ones at the campsite and thus eating lukewarm food that was supposed to be either hot or cold but was neither, not to mention the frequent touchdown of an airborne fly or bee. We did manage to get some newly grilled burgers that saved the meal. But we were camping. A little fly or bee was not going to keep an Eagle Scout and his woman from having a good time. We were roughing it. Well as much as one could rough it being twenty minutes from your house and a minute from a golf course.
We set up the tent we borrowed from Heather's coworker Julie Ransom which may have fit her family of five, but was a little too big for just Heather and me. Hobble Creek is only fifteen minutes outside of Provo, yet even in the summer, it still gets cold. This statement of fact was learned from experience, not research. I was cold but an Eagle Scout never lets on how cold he is (it's in the Scout oath, I swear), but Heather was freezing. It didn't help that we were in a tent built for a family of five not a tandem of two.
After camping, we came home to get ready for the first football game of the year. To help in the preparation, I sat down on the Love sac to watch a little Utah vs. Michigan football. For some reason, Heather didn't like the idea of watching two and half hours of football on TV before going to Lavell Edwards Stadium to watch another four hours of football. I don't know why.

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