Poppin' Off at Hee Haw

Last week we giddy yupped with the Washburns to the Hee Haw Cornfield Maze in American Fork to get scared for 7 bucks a pop. When we entered the maze, we realized in order to get scared, we had to pay 15 bucks a pop and that was one pop too many. So instead of popping the lady selling the tickets, we decided to spike the punch in someone else's pop, by scaring the poop out of them. We heard a group of giddy girls with their haughty boy posse coming into the now-haunted maze. The eight victims came around the corner of the eight-foot tall corn stalks and were scared like a bunch of eight-year-old girls when we popped out and ate them. Actually, we just scared them.
After scaring them with death and scarring them for life, we climbed a huge haystack where we scooted down the ski slope slide that was two feet too short, evidenced by the gravel still in my arm and the hay all over my sweater. Because I was so mad, I decided to kick Heather in the back of the head so she could experience my pain. She is using this video below as evidence of the alleged abuse.

After what is now known as the slide incident, we decided to pet some of the animals to see if we could get some of our money's worth. There were two goats near some gumball machines, so I decided to get a treat. By the way they were moving their mouths thay had already treated themselves to several gumballs already. When I got closer, I discovered they weren't gumball machines, but sawdust pellets that people used to feed the goats. They must have liked the sawdust pellets because as I was feeding Mrs. Goat, her husband charged her, head down - horns up, and pushed her away from her meal into the fence. -Rob


  1. Nice story Rob, i even watched the video which is rare for me. I'm glad you guys are having lots of fun together! it looks freezing there!! So when are ya'll coming to Mesa to visit? Tyler told me so distressing news the other day that you are NEVER moving back? LAME!!:)

  2. You guys should for sure go to Body Worlds. We didn't want to spend the money either but now that we've been, we'll probably go again. It was really cool. Make sure you leave enough time to see everything. We were there for 2 hours and it felt like we rushed through it. We should get everyone together soon! It's been awhile!

  3. Heather and Rob, this post was so so so funny. And the slide movie made me say, "Only in Utah". :) These kinds of outings will get more fun when you have children. Maybe next year, pass on the slide.