Tag...I'm it

I've been tagged. This is a first for me...
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Birds... all I really hate is birds.
Yeah, so I really don't like birds. It goes way back to my early teens. I worked at an elementary school one summer and every day I had to walk a few blocks to meet my Dad for a ride home and every day w/o fail some stupid bird would find me and attack. I came up with a plan though I would go outside, the opposite way I was going, and make sure the bird saw me then I go back inside and exit a door on the other side of the building. Then I just run like the wind. By the time the bird noticed me I was almost to my Dad's office.
So that's not the the weirdest thing about it. In the last few years I'd notice how much I dislike the way birds gather on telephone poles. Why do they do it? It's so creepy.Weird fact #2. I know it's crazy, but I like my beverages room temperature. I don't like drinks too cold b/c it hurts going down and I don't like ice (it just gets in the way and waters the down the taste). Rob's completely the opposite, he likes cold drinks but I think I've pursuaded him about the ice, but only because I convinced him how much more soda he gets at restuarants when they don't fill the cup full of ice.
Weird fact #3. Holidays... to be completley honest I don't even like them. I know it's weird, I've never met anyone else that feels the same. I do like when I get the day off... I'm not complaining about that, but I just don't get excited for them and I find most of them disappointing.
Weird fact #4 I like to wear the same cloths over and over. If I didn't have to leave my house everyday where others see me I'd probably wear the same outfit 3 days in a row or more. I just don't like picking out outfits so when one works that's all I want to wear.
I'm tagging Julie Ransom, Kiley, and Heather Strong.


  1. Wow, fun facts!!!

  2. LOL! I remember when you told me about your fear/hatred of birds. My favorite is that you hate that they gather on the telephone poles. You are so funny!