Sept 30 I turned 26. Wow doesn't that sound old! I've never liked the thought of being any older that 25 and now it's happened. Rob got me my favorite flowers along with some good perfume.It was a fun day. I went to work and my desk was all decked out. The picture doesn't really do the decorations justice, but you get the picture.For lunch Julie, my coworker, took me to Cafe Rio. Yummm.

Despite the fact that it was my birthday it was also just past my year mark at Spark Networks so they had a surprise meeting where they recognized me and gave me a bunch of gift cards and some expensive perfume I'd been wanting. It was really generous of them.
After work Rob and I went to dinner at Ruby River Steakhouse. We then rented Michael Moore's movie 'Sicko' and stayed up late watching it.
Oh and not to forget... my sister Jenn took me out to lunch the next day.


  1. Happy Late Birthday, Heather! Don't feel too old. Cameron just turned 30 this year--and my turn will be next year! That's definitely getting old. By the way, I just found out we're both Libras--no wonder I like you so much! :)

    (Disclaimer: I promise I don't follow zodiacs much, though over the years I've found that most of my favorite people tend to be Libras and Scorpios. Very coincidential.)

  2. I'm glad 'my Heather' had so much fun on her birthday.

  3. Happy Birthday, Heather! 26!! Ah, I remember it well.