My sister Tiffany and I can't be away from each other for too long so it was time to visit her in Portland again. Rob decided to stay home and work. I took off on Friday night. When my sister came to pick me up her husband was buying a puppy. I can't see my sister as a 'inside dog person' so I was shocked, but the puppy is so cute and cuddly.

Saturday, my sister, her two boys and I drove out west. We visited two cheese factories. The Blue Heron and....
the Tillamook Cheese factory (I really love their cheese). We couldn't leave without eating at their cafe and getting some of their really yummy ice cream.
After the cheese factories we visited the Oregon coast. It turned out great b/c it'd been raining almost all day and once we got there the rain stopped and it was pleasant.
Sunday... other than church we didn't do much. Monday was Tiffany's and my day to shop. It was great. I got some fantastic deals on designer jeans (skinnies) and some cute tall boots to wear with them. Tuesday was my last day there. We went to the Pittock Mansion. That night I had a close call on the way to the airport. Tiff and I came home and in plenty enough time to take the babysitter home and get to the airport, but we didn't realize the traffic would be so bad on a Tuesday night. My flight left at 5:50 and I was still sitting in stop and go traffic at 5:30 and had 3/4 mile left to go. We pulled up to the airport at 5:45. I jumped out, ran in, told the security my plane was boarding and they helped me through fast. I ran to my gate and there was nobody there but a man at a desk a few yards back. The door to the gate was still open and when I stopped at the gate to decide whether to run back to the man at the desk or go through the door and look for someone the man at the desk asked if I was Heather and if I had my boarding pass. He told me to just board the plane and give my ticket to the worker at the plane's door. I was the last on and barely made it! Phew! It's so funny that I love to travel but I stress out so much about getting to the airport...you should just ask Rob he can verify my stress. Experiences like these must be why. _Heather


  1. Cute pics! Looks like you had such a fun trip. I'm glad you made your flight...just barely. I'm sure that was so stressful! (Don't worry I have really fast fingers and scrolled down over the mouse post to get to this one! haha)

  2. i am so sorry about the airport thing. i had no idea traffic would be so horrendous! we all missed you the moment you left, even daisy. thanks for the fun visit!