Men in Tights

Last week someone at work gave me six Nutcracker tickets, so, to get into the Christmas spirit, Heather and I and Rich and Natalie (my brother and his wife) went down to Capital Theater to watch men in tights dance like women. It was resplendent. But seriously, when the church came out with the Strength of Youth pamphlet and they put that part in regarding boys and modesty, I thought they were just placating the women to not have a double standard for guys and girls in tight clothing. I didn't think guys clothing could be that revealing. It was a little uncomfortable. Not only that but the Nutcracker, if you really think about it, has very little to do with Christmas. Some spoiled little girl basically gets a wooden doll for Christmas, which turns into the Lord of the Dance, and kidnaps her to a kingdom of sugar plum madness. It is a little acid-trippy. Following the fairy fiasco, we fueled the fairies finances by funneling our few funds into the nymph's billfold. Translation: we bought a Nutcracker Christmas ornament. -Rob

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