Sparks Christmas Party

Wednesday was my work Christmas party. We celebrated first by eating dinner and then playing a 'traditional' game. My work buys a bunch of nice gifts and they put them in a big pile, in the middle of the room. Everyone draws a number and when the person's number is called they can either pick a gift from the middle or steal someone else's gift. Once a gift has been stolen 3 times it can't be stolen again. I hate this game! I don't know anyone in the office who actually likes it. What usually happens is the gift you really want gets stolen and then you end up with something nice, but is way down the list of items you wanted. Last year Rob and I really wanted the wireless TiVo but it got stolen along with 5 other things we would have liked. In the end we got a KitchenAid and a Panini Press, still good gifts though. This year we wanted a wireless surround system with a DVD player or the Casio Electronic Keyboard. Once the surround system was stolen three times it was out of the game. With a lot of scheming and help from a co-worker I was able to get the keyboard on the 3rd steal. So it was ours, Woohoo!

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  1. Haha I see that you really didn't have a place to but the keyboard, its like in your doorway. Oh well! Next place you'll have I'm sure will be a lot bigger and you'll need MORE stuff!