Stuffed Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, Heather and I have a lot to be grateful for. Like playing Turkey bowl versus kids my same height when I lean over. Also, notice how old I'm getting by how many people are not catching their breath in this picture.
Heather is thankful that this hike up to the Wind Cave was not longer since she had to pose with her face in my armpit after we got to the top. I am thankful I didn't fall into any cactus on the way down the mountain, or fall down the mountain on the way to any cactus.
We are thankful for Joe's BBQ and their cheesy potatoes, and their beef brisket, and their pulled pork, and their baby back ribs, and their, well you get the idea.

I am not grateful for the spare tire and double chin Joe gave me.

I am thankful for the friends I have accumulated over the years.

I am thankful I don't have to live in this house.
Heather is thankful she doesn't have to grind corn all day.
I am thankful I don't have to swim or drink from a leech-infested swimming hole.
Heather's thankful she's taller than the average Sinaquan.
I am thankful I didn't fall off while posing, but I actually came pretty close.
Heather is thankful we have a bathroom.
I am thankful this blog is almost over.

We are thankful this volcano didn't explode near us.

I am thankful we didn't have to cross this like the pioneers did.
Heather is thankful we got all these cool pictures.

I am thankful this road trip only took fifteen hours.
I am thankful this rock didn't fall on Heather.
Heather is thankful she is not in a polygamous marriage.
(Places visited: Mesa, Wind Cave, Mill Avenue, Montezuma Castle, Montezuma Well, Sunset Crater Volcano, Grand Canyon north rim, Lee's Ferry, and Colorado City) -Rob


  1. What fun and it sure looks a whole lot warmer than Kentucky.

  2. Wow you sure are thankful for so many awesome things

  3. Hilarious post. Good job Rob. I am sure Heather is thankful she doesn't have to grind corn all day either. Glad you guys had a fun Thanksgiving!

  4. LOL:)!!!I am thankful you guys came to visit finally! Sorry we didnt get to stay longer and our boys were pretty whiney, but it was so fun hanging out with both of you, and getting to know Heather better! Hope to see you both again soon!

  5. You guys are awesome.

    It was good seeing you and hopefully you'll be back for Christmas. Eh?

    PS Rob, you look so mean in your header picture.

  6. Were you in Gilbert? Or is Joe's BBQ elsewhere too? I wish I were there for Thanksgiving!!

  7. I DUG your post. Cracked up even. Too bad you didn't make it all the way down to St. George. We would have loved your visit. Maybe next time.

  8. I am with Heather on this one. I am thankful I have a bathroom and that I am not a polygamist. Very funny!