Our Christmas in A-Z

(This poem is set to the Twelve Days of Christmas)
-On the Sunday before Christmas,
Heather said to me,
It's either Portland or the A-Z.
-On the Monday before Christmas,
Heather said to me,
Pack up the car,
The weather's better in A-Z.
-On the Tuesday before Christmas,
I said to my honey,
The car’s all packed,
The presents are all wrapped,
Let’s head on down to the A-Z.
-On the day before Christmas,
When we got to A-Z,
We surprised the family,
Ate some fine culinary,
Walked their dog, Sonny,
And unwrapped a gift from my honey.
-On the day of Christmas,
It was cold and rainy,
For gifts I got a Tom Tom,
Some jeans that were the bomb bomb,
Shoes, a suit, some socks,
A “Lar’s and the Real Girl” movie,
And a hat and some brand new g’s.
-On the same day of Christmas,
Heather got from me,
Five Forever 21 t-shirts,
A bunch of makeup brushes,
Two small forks,
A pair of snow boots,
Some candy
And a Fossil watch that gleams.

-On the day after Christmas,
While at the Williams Family,
There was a bird that swooped,
There was a bird that pooped,
We played some volleyball,
We visited the mall,
We went to see the lights,
Of all the different sites,
And ended our day a little fatigued.
-Two days after Christmas,
We woke up real early,
We went to LAST CHANCE,
We had to do more shopping,
We got great deals on chocolate,
From the World Market,
Hole in the Rock we hiked,
While our lunch we liked,
Later on that night
Rog and Syb took us to Pinnacle Peak.
-On the third day after Christmas
We went on a retreat
To the Goldfield Ghost Town
Where ladies clad in gowns
And men act like clowns
They shot off their mouths
We went back to the house
To get ready for the party
At Anna’s, it was hearty
We played Scattergories
And laughed so hard the girls had to pee.

-On the last day of this poem
When Christmas was long gone,
We rode the light rail
We were packed in like snails
We ate some Big Fat Greek
Went to church with priests
Had nothing to confess
So we went to the Hyatt
To ride the elevator.
The view was one to savor.
Good thing it wasn’t hazy.
And that was our trip to A-Z.


  1. I DUG this little ditty! Cracked up even. Very clever! Glad you had a merry Christmas!

  2. Wow. To get Jason to even post a line on our blog... let alone a post with rhymes and whit like this. I'm very impressed with your blogging skills Rob Williams.

    Come again soon. Yahoo!