Cold New Year

Rob and I spent New Years in Roosevelt (UT) with some of my family. I have a brother and sister who live there with their families. Another brother was there for the holiday with his family.
We had a wild time playing rock band with my nieces and nephews
For anyone that doesn't pay attention to the news when they mention the cold weather in the Uintah Basin here's a good picture. We left a can of soda in the car and this is what happens in -3 degree temperature. I'm pretty sure we prefer the weather in AZ.


  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR you guys, i'm SO SO SO glad you came back for Christmas and we could hang out again...it was lots of fun!! We need to come up to Utah now. Loved the poem/song ROB--so so clever & hilarious:)

  2. Looks cold but fun. Wish we were there1

  3. Wow, I haven't seen Hillary in what seems forever! Tell her I miss her!