Big Sis

How much do I love my sister?
I love her so much...
I let her put finger nail polish all over my face.
I helped her blow out candles on her birthday.
I let her taste my homemade punch, which turned out to be anti-freeze.
I risked the leaches in our backyard ditch to catch fish barehanded with her.
I dressed up as her for Halloween.
I let her date my long time crush without hard feelings.
I always paid for her things when we'd go shopping and she wouldn't bring any money.
I let her borrow my clothes as a teenager and as an adult.
I let her marry her husband and move all over the country.
I quit my summer job and moved to Portland to live with her.
Love ya Tiff!


  1. You're lucky to have eachother! Did I hear something about you guys taking a trip to Kentucky?????

  2. I just barely saw this!... You sure put up with a lot. I'm glad you still love me despite of it all. You're the BEST! Can’t wait til’ the 26th.