We've been busy lately and haven't updated our blog for awhile. Here's a quick run down on our past couple weeks.
Rob's Game

Rob is on an intermural basketball team this year. They played their second game last Tuesday (3rd) and won! It shouldn't be funny, and you probably won't find it funny, but this clip makes me laugh.

Denny's We woke up really early on the 3rd (Tuesday) and went to get the FREE breakfast Denny's advertised during the Superbowl. The first Denny's we went to had a line wrapped around the building so we tried the Denny's in Orem to find the line just as long. We waited over an hour in the cold before we finally got to the doors, which we celebrate by taking the above picture. By then I had to leave for work, but Rob had a little more time so he waited another 30 minutes and ate by himself. I got a rain check and will probably go sometime this coming week.

Jazz GameOn Monday our friends Kaisi, Tyler, and their little girl Addie invited us to a Jazz game. We went to Z' Tejas for dinner before the game. It was a lot of fun hanging out with them and seeing their cute baby. Oh...and we had fantastic seats... I've never sat so close.Just for the record Rob was there too.
It's definitely the season for basketball. We went to the Utah vs BYU game the end of January. The game was at the University of Utah, which scared me since we're more BYU fans, but other than the really annoying U and BYU fans in our proximity it was decently fun. (Actually the guy who took our picture below was one of the annoying Ute fans, but he was nice enough to take two BYU fans picts.)

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  1. Adam tried 3 different times to go to Denny's but the line was long all day. That sucks you waited in line that whole time for nothing! I'm glad at least Rob got a meal out of it.