Let Me Hear Your Money Talk

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love to get a good deal. My typical conversation probably includes at least one of the following words: sale, coupon, deal, clearance, close-out, price reduction, rebate, discount, savings, mark-down... and any synonyms related. I'm the person who can't stand to walk by a penny without picking it up and adding it to my cash stash. Yes, it's sometimes embarrassing and yes, I've fallen for a quarter glued to the sidewalk before... I just hope the pranksters haven't posted my blunder on You-tube. I'm still brooding over the 45 cents I found at the Smith's cash register the other day. I felt forced to put in the charitable donation box instead of my own wallet because the checker, bagger, and my husband were all staring at me and I could only imagine what they were thinking. You won't believe it but, growing up my family collected all the coins we found on the ground for a year and it turned out to be over $100. That's a whole lot of pennies!

I'm also an avid yard saler (I've even converted Rob, too). But I'll admit, I'm a bit of a yard sale snob. I prefer the yard sales in Park City to anywhere else. I'll even drive an 1hr to yard sales there rather than go to any of the 50 I pass along the way. Our whole apartment is furnished with our yard sale treasures... our micro fiber couch, Luv Sac, 7 piece table set, lamps, bed, night-stand tables, vacuum, and a whole lot more.

If you haven't noticed there's a lot of talk right now about the economy and how to cut costs. I'm sure you can tell with what I've already written that my lifestyle hasn't changed much. I'm always looking to save. So without further adeiu the most important part of this blog and the most exciting is on it's way...

I've recently found ways to get FREE groceries and products. In the past couple months, with the help of rebates and coupons, I've gotten over $134 worth of free items. Just look at all of it. And every one was FREE!

The picture doesn't include the 6 DiGiorno Pizzas, 2 boxes of Wheat Thins, extra bottle of Dr. Pepper and a Kashi frozen entree. We got hungry.

All this free food couldn't have come at a better time. Rob's last day with The Enterprise Newspaper was Friday, so we're back down to my meager income and job searching. So if you know of any great jobs please let us know. (Oh and if you know of any jobs that let you study while working that would be awesome since Rob is preparing for the LSAT.)

Last, but not least. Today, Rob and I are DEBT FREE! If any of you listen to the Dave Ramsey show you can imagine us counting down and screaming it. We recently were able to pay off some medical bills and today we gave my parents a check for the remaining amount of money we borrowed to purchase our 99 Honda Accord. We had hoped to pay it off sooner, but when we had to replace the transmission and pay off other unexpected expenses, it set us back a couple of months.


  1. Heather and Rob, great job getting out of debt. Heather I would have like to take you on my trip years ago when I used tripple coupons and got $1200.00 of food for $200.00 Those were the days!! Heather I can tell we are related. I love a good deal too. Great job, I'm very impressed with you two. aunt LaWanna

  2. Bummer about Rob's job. Ugh.

    Meanwhile, that's awesome that you're debt free. How exciting!

    How can you get that all for free? You need to post how to do it, not just what you do. I just cut a ton of coupons today and thought, how do people get stuff free when they have 35 cent coupons...

  3. Good job getting out of debt! I hope Rob can find something soon.

  4. You go girl! I am so impressed with your money saving tactics. You certainly put shame to me.