South By South East

I am sick of the cold. So, last Thursday (26th of Feb) my sister, Tiffany, and I decided to head out to South Carolina to visit my brother Cameron and enjoy the warmth of the South. Rob dropped me off at the airport, and, no, he didn’t get to come with us on our yearly ritual vacation. Tiffany and I had 3 flights. We were to meet up in Florence, SC where my brother would be waiting. I arrived at 11:30 pm as planned, but on my last flight I got a frantic call from Tiff... something about how I needed to get her luggage in Florence and pick her up in Charleston. So when I arrived in Florence, an airport the size of some of the larger planes I’ve been on, I wasn’t surprised I found out they lost Tiffany’s luggage.(Seriously this is the smallest airport I've ever seen. You're looking at the entire place.)

My brother and I packed up my things and started down to Charleston. Our GPS estimated our arrival at 1:24 am. Tiff was waiting.
After we woke up from a late night of layovers and lost luggage, Tiff, Cameron and I set out for Savannah GA.
It was a beautiful day. We walked around the city squares... and stood in line for one of the South’s most famous restaurants, the Wilkes House. It is only open during lunch, so we had to wait over an hour to eat a family-style meal, which is basically bowls of food shared with your party and complete strangers. After eating some of the best mashed potatoes and gravy ever, we hit the water front and bought some salt water taffy in the candy store to satisfy our sweet teeth.
(Can you believe how tall these steps are)
On Saturday, we headed for Charleston to see more of what the South had to offer. We walked along the Battery, which was a path that runs along the ocean leading to Rainbow Row. It was essentially a lineup of million dollar homes alternating between ice cream colors that looked like something out of a movie.
The outdoor shopping was interesting.
Monday came too soon, but we had to get back to real life. 3 flights back. Since there was a bad weather in the East, most airports were backed up. I didn't feel the effect until my second flight when the pilot announced we'd arrive in Phoenix at 9 pm and I knew my connecting flight to Salt Lake left at 9:14. Well, we didn't arrive until 9:10 and it was exactly 9:14 when I stepped off the plane. I just missed it. Since it was the last flight that night, they gave me a hotel and meal voucher and I got an extra day of vacation in the land of the sun. Check out the rest of my photos.


  1. Looks like fun. And you were in short sleeves outside - in March. I'm jealous!

  2. Tiffany mentioned she was sick on this trip...Did you get sick?

    Glad you had fun!

  3. I love Savannah. Glad you guys got a fun trip together!

  4. Awesome pics of the area! Aside from Lillian's, I especially LOVE the anchor one. Good call!