The Trickle of a Fickle Nickel

Lately we have been looking for ways to cut back on our spending to save up on some of our more hefty expenses coming up in the next year. Heather is really good at this - planning, scrimping, saving, coupon cutting, etc. Whenever a news program comes on, showing you how to save your money in a troubling economy, we find that we are doing most everything that they suggest. This has affected even our video game consumption. Scott, my brother, and his wife Nathalia wanted to double last weekend so we decided to go to the Nickelcade. We'd been saving our nickels and other loose change and thought this would be a good way to cash in on our coin collecting in one crack. It was fun, except for the part when Heather beat me at the basketball shootout. Of course she always beats me at this so nothing new there.
I kind of look like a bee.

This is the one game I beat Heather at. (What Rob didn't tell you was that his gun had mutiple shots while mine only had one.)

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