Rainy Days

Saturday was a rainy day in Provo... I'm so glad I got some awesome rain boots from Rob for Christmas. Despite the bad weather, we stayed pretty busy getting great deals. Remember how much I love a great deal.Everything we bought at the grocery store I had coupons for (thanks to my big coupon binder) and we walked out saving more than we paid. Surprisingly, we also got a coupon at the check register for a free dozen of cookies. Don't you love when that happens? Mmmmm, they were so good it didn't take long for us to eat the whole dozen. Our tummies were full and happy as well as our fridge, freezer, and shelves.

We visited the mall where I bought a jacket and a tee shirt - all for 10 bucks. Thanks to the cold spring weather, I've already worn my jacket twice. And yes, that means I've worn it two days in a row.
We stopped at a few yard sales throughout the day and came away with some books, a pink bike for Rob... just kidding it's for me, and some other odds and ends -all for $20.75. What an awesome rainy day!


  1. Girl you rock at finding deals!!

  2. Heather, I have TWO Boppy's for you. Ask me before you go buyin’ any more baby stuff if I’ve got it… even if it's only $0.50. I heart Rob's awesome new pink bike.