You Ready Spring Break? Maready's Spring Break!!!

The Maready Family (Heather's sister) came out for Spring Break to look for a home in Roosevelt and take a nice break from Doug's busy resident life. And we were happy to take a break with them. Heather took a few hours off work to show Zach some tricks on the family camera at Bridal Veil Falls. He let his Dad take over on this shot.

Because of the bad economy, Zach is looking to get in on some early training as a cross country truck driver.

The Easter Bunny came early to the Williams' home (because of the time difference) and left plenty of sugar for Zach and Tyler to stay awake all the way home to Portland. They are looking to set a record for saying, "Are we there yet?" The record was set on the way here.


  1. Looks fun! I forgot to ask what you did with your sister the other day so I'm glad the blog updated me!

  2. Thanks again for taking the afternoon off to be with us. The boys loved the hike, nickel arcade, pizza dinner & egg hunt -- what a fun surprise. We look forward to spending more time with ya'll.