Rob's day yesterday seemed normal until he saw what came with his lunch. My day on the other hand was not normal. As I was about to leave for work I couldn't find my keys. I knew I drove home the night before and I was pretty sure I had them then. I unloaded my purse, went through all my pockets and bags, checked to make sure I didn't lock them in the car and still they didn't turn up. I called Rob to see if he took both sets, texted him, called again and again and again, but no answer... so what did I do? I decided to take my new (used) pink bike! for a 6 mile spin. (If you remember, this wasn't my first time biking to work)! The whole way I watched my front tire wobble and hoped it wouldn't fly off before I got to work. Fortunately, I made it safely and 3 hrs later Rob FINALLY called. (Rob has the worst phone... it just turns off whenever it feels like it.) He vehemently denied my accusations of stealing my set of keys and I was at a total loss of where they could be.
Lunch time rolled around and Rob was hungry. Little did he know that when he retrieved his lunch from the fridge there would be a set of jangling keys stuck to his plastic lunch bag! How in the world did that happen?


  1. Ha ha! You guys are funny. But hey, you got some good exercise and fresh air, not to mention that is the coolest pink bike ever!

  2. Wow. That's funny but it really sucks. Sorry you had to bust out the bike again.