Say My Name Say My Name

What is my name?
Robbie the Robot
ladies boots
Last month, Heather and I went to a car show. At the show there was a contest to name a robot that was working out on an eliptical. Having just graduated from BYU in advertising, I wanted to test out the money spent on a good education by seeing if I could win this contest. With the help of Heather, we came up with a clever little name that we thought had a good chance of winning. We submitted our name and didn't think much of it. Last week Heather got a call from some odd number (which she didn't answer) and they left a message on her voicemail. As she checked it, she heard the lady on the other end tell her that we had won. With over 300 entries submitted, we were pretty excited. The winning name is one of the entries above. Next week we will let you know what entry was the winner and the prize that we won.


  1. My guess is Elipticus. Can't wait until you post the real name!

  2. I vote for Lexercise... but whatever it is, that's pretty cool you won. So what did you win? A date with the robot? :)

  3. you owe me... i was the one to take you out for pizza at the place you entered the contest... don't forget.