Yard Sales

Love the yard sales. Here are the treasures I picked up today.
3 pairs of shoes - $5
Brand New Speaker stands-$10 Hot cocoa maker-$1.50Brand New Printer,Scanner,Copier- $20 (My favorite purchase of the day. The box hadn't even been opened.)
Clear Christmas lights - Free
7 extension cords- Free
(Does any one need one? When I got these I thought there were only 2. Ha ha what a surprise.)
Bag- 80 cents
I also bought a brand new ice tray that freezes long sticks of ice so they fit right in a water bottle, but forgot to take a picture of it. I paid 75 cents for a set of three, but gave one to my Mom and one to my sister.
I negotiated on every purchase, except the free items... even without Rob's help (He's usually the one I send to barter for me since I'm too chicken to do it myself).

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