Move It

We made the big move from Provo to........ Orem. Yep a whole 5 miles. We're excited for the A/C, the dishwasher, the disposal, the walk-in closet, the covered parking, the extra bedroom and the extra room in general. We also went from 1 kitchen drawer to 4, we gained a coat closet and 2 linen closets... and best of all we can actually walk around our apt. (We hosted a surprise party last Friday with 11 people and everyone fit. That would have never happened in our old place). We are sad to leave though. It was our first place together and we loved our time there. Seriously, isn't this such a cute house?The week before the move I spent several days before work (when I had a job) packing and delivering boxes to the new place. On the 20th we moved all the big stuff. It only took 3 truck loads and we did it all before 11 a.m.... and the rain. The unpacking and cleaning took a lot longer. Here's a look at our new place.


  1. more space is always more exciting, but moving sucks big time! your 1st place really was SOOO adorable--i kind of didnt believe you actually lived there:)

  2. Nice place. A little more room is always a good thing!

  3. Looks fabulous! It makes you want to throw your arms out and start spinning, doesn't it! I love that feeling!