The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

It's been a few weeks since our last post and a lot has happened... good and bad.
Bad: Our lovely laptop lost it's life Sunday morning. I took it to Best Buy the next day and they said there was something really wrong with it. They suggested I just buy a new computer. Those couple days without a computer and the Internet were a nightmare!
Good: I must have really been feeling the spirit because the day before the computer crash I went to yard sales with my mom and happened to pick up a really nice Pottery Barn desk($37.50)and a computer... minus the monitor($75). I was feeling a little guilty about buying two items we didn't need and I only wanted, but the feeling didn't last long b/c it just so happened we really did NEED them both. We had to buy a new monitor, but with some strategy we got a really awesome deal on a fatty 24" Samsung monitor. I love it too much. I picked up this cute shelf while at yard sales too ($15). Bad: We received our registration reminders for both our '98 Nissan and our '99 Honda. Both failed safety inspections. The Nissan
needed over $800 in repairs just to pass (it needs some other repairs too, but we can live without them for now) and we'd rather put the money toward something newer. So we've been on the hunt for a new 'used' car. I found some possibilities on KSL, but they all came from the junkiest dealerships and the interior conditions were less than desirable. Our Honda only needs a minor safety adjustment(tinting)thankfully, but it didn't technically pass or fail emissions. It just came up undetermined so we've got to do something to get it to pass. Car problems are so stressful!
Good: I've been getting a little crafty lately. I've made a bunch of cute fabric flowers and a little bit of jewelry. It's really spiced up my outfits and doesn't cost as much as new clothing pieces. I'm thinking of selling some since the amount of fabric I bought made more than I anticipated and I had a few extra beads. What do you think... are they cute enough to buy?

Bad: I wish you could have seen this in person b/c the picture just doesn't do it justice. And no I didn't get my foot run over... one of our many TV remotes fell from the arm of our couch and hit me just right on the top of my foot. I couldn't believe how much it hurt and how it swelled up. It was ridiculous. I think it hit a blood vessel and that's what caused the damage. (Pardon my UGLY foot.) Good: ModBe had a warehouse clearance sale and I picked up 11 items (2 workout pants, a workout top, a cardigan sweater, 3 tops, jean cutoffs-for Rob ---- j/k, a hat, gloves, and a scarf - for the impending weather) and only paid an average of $4.50 an item.
Bad: Last Tuesday, I was kind of in a bad mood (and I was a little down on myself too, about not getting a job yet). Then suddenly I realized I had a sore throat and I wasn't feeling very well... hence the bad mood. I rarely get sick so I don't always recognize the symptoms. I went to bed that night and felt fine the next day. I just had a little bit of a scratchy voice. Suddenly four days later I woke up and I couldn't talk. I'd completely lost my voice. I've never had that happen before. It's now been 3 days since then and my voice is still gone. Oh, and on top of it all. I just got a cold sore this morning. Yeah, nothing like being kicked while you're already down.
Good: I actually got a call back on one of the many resumes I've sent out. I went in for an interview on Thursday. I felt the interview went fine, but I'm not setting my heart on landing the job. I know they interviewed lots of others, but it did make my day.
Good: I got to go spend all day Friday with my 'bestest' childhood friend, Kaisi. She's so much fun to be with. I've really missed being around her. We reminisced for 7 hours straight and it was sad to part. She has a really cute little girl who was also fun to play with. Bad: Rob and I got out of our car the other day and noticed the front tire was as bald as Rob... (Rob really wanted me to write that. I would never be that mean) You could see the metal wires. It was pretty scary. So on top of all the really expensive problems we've faced recently we added 4 new tires to the list.
Good and Bad: We just got asked to speak in church this Sunday. It really is a great opportunity to grow and hopefully touch the ward members' lives, but we all know it's nerve-racking and it's such a pain to prepare. Hopefully I'll have my voice back by then... or Rob's going to have to speak a loooonnggg time.

All in all I'm glad to see that the "bad" list didn't outnumber the "good" list. I'm amazed at how it seems like bad events always come in waves. I'm hoping the pendulum will swing the other way soon. I'm grateful for the good things that have kept us going... it would be much too depressing without them.


  1. Wade and I are coming to visit on conference weekend, so you can add that to the "good"
    You guys have had a crazy time lately. I hope everything works out quickly.
    Score on the cute desk!!
    I'd also like to order one of those cute gray flowers. Adorable!!

  2. i think those fabric flowers are adorable:) good job! you always find the best garage sale finds!good luck on the job search!

  3. Car repairs.... they seem to never end! We went for about 4 or 5 months where we were dropping $200 into our cars every month for something or other. BUT yeah it always works out. I should come yard sale shopping with you sometime! I have never been but dang- the things you find!

  4. Those flowers are super cute. At least you got a good deal on your tires!!

  5. Good to hear you're still alive! Any news in the job department?