Remember this guy...
Well we said goodbye to our '98 Nissan Sentra last Saturday (26th). We also said goodbye to the dents, a cracked windshield, a horn that didn't honk, 5th gear... oh wait, we said goodbye to that months ago, the volume dial that only grew louder and louder (even if you were trying to turn it down), the clock that didn't work, the clutch that was almost impossible to push all the way down, the stress it caused us (mainly Heather since she drove it most), and it's many other problems.
At the same time on Saturday we said Hello to this...
a 2003... let me repeat that... a 'two-thousand' 3, Nissan Altima. What a beauty. We're moving up - getting a car that was made in the 2000's.
We're so glad the hunt for a car is over! We put a lot of time and effort into looking for a car that fit our budget, was newer than a '99, had relatively low miles, has no problems (that we could detect...) and is a nice color. We really had to scrape the bottom of the barrel for this one, but we were able to pay CASH and it felt so good. We hope it lasts us a long time!


  1. Ah yes, how could I forget that car? Especially riding in it when Rob was learning to drive stick? :)

    Yeah for a new car!

  2. CONGRATS!! i think we have that same car & color!! We love it--its lasted us a long time with hardly any problems!

  3. Yay!!I'm so excited you got a new car!! Looks great.