Just Shoot Me

Many of you may know that I've always loved photography. I got my first SLR camera my senior year in high school.I fell in love with photography in Mrs. Phillips Intro to Photography class. I especially loved working in the dark room!
It was my plan to major in Photography in college. I applied for the major twice, which was the maximum amount you could apply, and was rejected both times. I was really going against the odds trying to get into BYU's Photography major when they were only accepting 20 some-odd people and I had such little experience. I was heart broken when I didn't get the opportunity and really considered transferring, but I never did. Photography fell to the side when I went on a mission and when I got back I focused on getting through school.
It's amazing that I was a missionary for only 19 mos (I know I was lucky enough to stay an extra month) but things had changed so much by the time I came home. When I left people were just starting to get personal cell phones and when I returned everyone gave me a weird look when they asked for my cell # and I had to tell them I only had a house #. Embarrassing, huh? Well cell phones weren't the only big change, everyone was getting digital cameras as well. So once I got my digital Sony Cyber-Shot (a college graduation gift from my family) I did not want to go back to film cameras.
I was happy with my little digital camera but longed for a DSLR. I didn't have much time for taking photos while working full time, working a side job, TA'ing an aerobics class 3x a week and everything else you have to do when you're a grown-up. When I was laid off from my full time job back in June, I really wanted to get back into photography. I decided to start saving for a 'new' used DSLR. When I finally had enough, I scoured the KSL ads. Every time I found a camera I wanted, it was sold by the time I called.
In the mean time our laptop bit the dust and we lost our Photoshop program. So I was casually looking for Adobe programs as well. Then out of no where I found this...
Adobe Creative Suite 4... brand new... never used... for $300. Wow. The program originally costs $1800 (ouch) so I was stoked to find such a great deal. To see how awesome this program is, go here and see for yourself.
Well this software purchase set back my camera savings fund a bit and I stopped searching so religiously. A few weeks later, I just happened to look at the KSL ads and found a really good deal. I called and it wasn't sold yet, so I hopped in my car and went to see it. Once I laid eyes on the camera and everything that came with it, it was a done deal.
The camera is a Nikon D70. It came with the body, a 28-80 mm lens, a 75-300 mm telephoto lens, a wide macro lens, a camera bag, a 1 GB card, a memory card reader, a cleaning kit, a flash (which is a pretty cheap one and I'll need to replace it with something better), and a tripod. Wow. I love it. Doesn't it look awesome?
Anyway if you're in need of photos or know of anyone who wants some done, let me know. I'll give you a really great deal.
Photos with my new camera are soon on their way...


  1. I need new family photos!! Just let me know when your available!!

  2. sign me up for some family photos too