When in doubt pick C

Today is Rob's big day. He's taking the LSAT. He's been preparing for this day for about 5 months, studying 3x at week (approx 12 hrs during the week). He's been doing this while working full time in Salt Lake and holding a part-time job as well. He's a busy guy.
He was a little wired last night... pretty nervous. It was my first time seeing him like that and I have to say it was a little funny. He's usually so calm and laid back about everything.
He's getting his last few minutes of wink-eye while I surprise him with a delicious breakfast... something I call Eggs on Toast... which is basically toast with boiled eggs, cut up into a white sauce, poured on top. Yummy. It was always my favorite breakfast growing up!
Anyway...Good Luck Rob!


  1. Good luck rob you will do great, let me know when you are done with law school I will start breaking the law to give you someone to defend.

  2. Rob is such a smart guy...He did marry you afterall...He'll do awesome. Hey We'll be in Roosevelt conference weekend. Can you guys go up? We'd love to see you! Actually we will be there late Sat. but all day Sunday. Hope you can come up!

  3. You made me that breakfast in Jakobsberg!! Yum! Tell Rob I said good luck even though it's too late now =).

  4. mmm...that sounds good! my mom always made us egg gravy growing up and i always crave them when i'm prego! Good luck to Rob!

  5. Good luck Rob! I bet you'll do great. You're just smart like that.

    Jason gets wirey before tests too... I think it's his way of showing nervousness.