For those who don't know Rob and I love to watch 'good' movies... (were not talking your typical Hollywood blockbuster). Rob is the researcher. The films we see must have gotten stellar reviews or we won't see it. I don't like to research as much and so Rob doesn't like to trust me with picking films. I usually leave it up to him and I'm rarely disappointed. Well the other day I filled our Netflix queue and I happened to pick a foreign film (which is not uncommon since I love foreign films). I picked The Chorus.
When it came in the mail, Rob totally disregarded my choice saying, "I've never heard of that movie." which translates to... 'that won't be a good movie since I, the king of movies, have never heard of it'. He'd picked up some other films at the library and wanted to watch them first, of course. I think he even mentioned that he wasn't even interested in seeing the movie I picked at all. Well I wanted to see it, so we finally watched it and it was GOOD. I totally proved him wrong, and he admitted it. Then the other day I happened to notice that Rob had been on our blog and put The Chorus on his 'favorite movies' list. Ha ha, that's right.
We've also been watching all the LOST seasons up until the... I forget which season... maybe 5, but it's not out on DVD yet. They need to get cracking so we can see what happens next. Since Lost is on a break now my new TV series love is Prison Break.
I love it... Rob thinks it's okay. We just finished season 1 and were on to season 2.

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