Last night we went to Thriller
A musical about some killers
We had a good time,
So I thought I should rhyme,
And tell you about the feature.
The first act was in the graveyard
The zombies were bloody and flesh-scarred
A guy did the robot
He thought himself a big shot
But I'll admit the dance looked dead hard
Then came Bubbles the Clown
His humor was about our town
He made some gay jokes
About some of the folks
His improv was not a thumbs-down.
Some of the skits were dumb
Lorena Bobbitt was one
She was a good singer
But wanted to linger
On the thing that made her a sore-thumb
The dance of the night were the skeletons
They glowed in the dark like a filament
One took off his skull
And gave it roll
And it didn't come down for five seconds.

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