14 Day Walk with Christ

Our Bishop challenged us last Sunday to take a 14 Day walk with Christ. This entails reading a scripture with Heather everyday and doing something during the day to help us come nearer to Christ. We are also supposed to talk about it and write down our experience. Heather wanted me to write in our journal, but since I never write in my journal and I rarely write on our blog, I figured I might as well do something better that I rarely do than start doing something that I never do. (It made sense to me.) So that's our goal for the next 14 days. I'll guess we'll see how we do and what we learned.
Day 1: For our first day walking with Christ, we were directed to read John 4:5-15. It is about the woman at the well and if she drank the living water, she would not thirst again. For our challenge, every time we drank water we needed to think of a scripture. Irony of ironies, I happened to go to the dentist today to get some cavities filled. Sometimes the Lord is really trying to make a point. Every time they worked a little bit on my teeth, my mouth dried out and I needed some water. I kind of forgot my challenge during the day at work, but the dental hygentist kept giving me something to drink and I remembered I had to keep coming up with scriptures. By the end of my visit I thought of every scripture mastery that was still in my head and I still came up short with scriptures.

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