It's been a busy couple weeks. Here's a look at what we've been up to...
Nov 4 Kaisi and Ady came down to Orem. We chatted it up, like usual, and visited the BYU Bean Museum.
Nov 7 Rob decided to vacuum, wash, and wax both our cars. I liked the idea especially since he was more that willing to do it. He started at about 10 am. At 11 I came out to help. I was surprised to find both cars covered in wax. He asked me to clean the inside of the cars while he rubbed the wax off. It only took a couple of minutes to realize his mistake... never wax more than one car on the same day! We spent the rest of the day rubbing that wax off. Finally finished just after 3 pm.

At 5 pm a bunch of mission friends showed up for a Baby shower. I've always thought pregnant people are cute and DeAnna looked fantastic. We ate and talked well into the night. Shelly, Me, Elizabeth, DeAnna, Heather, Erin

Nov 8 I drove out to Roosevelt to watch Tiffany's two boys while her and Doug enjoyed some time in Washington D.C. Tyler (6) and Zach (4) are super cute kids. Zach and I spent lots of our time putting together puzzles and him building forts with the couch cushions. Tyler had two Jr. Jazz games and he was so fun to watch. He may have been the smallest boy on the team but he was one of the fastest. He'd hustle down the court looking slightly out the corner of his eye just to make sure I was watching him. Nov 12 Tiffany and Doug were back in town. I spent the morning taking Tiffany's photos. They turned out great. Go here to see more. Nov 15 I took some family photos for a friend. You can see more of their photos on my other blog.

Rob's on a intermural volleyball team this year and has played several games. His last game I overheard heard someone from the other team say," He's good!" He really is good.

Rob been doing well at work. He just won a contest for the most sales on his team. He also won a gift card to Joe's Crab Shack. (I hope he takes me.) We're grateful for his success.


  1. your pics are great!! i wish you guys lived here so we could use you! where is rob working doing sales now? i love old mission reunion get-togethers---they are the best!! are you guys coming down for thanksgiving or christmas this year?

  2. I love all the pix of tiffany!! Amazing. I guess it also helps to have a beautiful girl to photograph.

  3. Great job Rob! And awesome pics Heather. I hope your photography business does well!

  4. Why am I not in that picture? I came to the baby shower. :( Sad, you took it after I left. Cute one though.