New Years came and went. Rob worked New Years Eve, New Years Day, and the day after :( I was lucky to have all of those days off. So to avoid spending all that time by myself I met my friend Kaisi on New Years Eve in Park City for a little shopping (returns actually) at the Outlets. On our way to Salt Lake a truck driver couldn't resist Kaisi's good looks and got her to pull over. She thought there was something wrong with her car since he kept honking and waving. But no... there were no car problems... he really just wanted to tell her how good looking she was. Since she is married and he didn't have all his teeth, it would have never worked out.
That night my Grandma Powell called to invite Rob, my sister Jenn, and I to come over and play a few games. We picked up a pizza and headed over. We learned how to play Canasta. Pretty fun... a little confusing, but we had a good time.

New Years day I drove to Heber to pick up my sister Tiffany. Her husband Doug was generous enough to let her spend the day with me and Jenn while he watched the kids. We went to the mall. Got a pedicure (I know it's December, I know...), ate some yummy food at Texas Roadhouse and watched a movie late into the night.
Saturday was my catch up day since we were in AZ for Christmas and I was back to work. I hadn't had enough time to even go to the grocery store. So we now have fruits and veggies. Rob kept saying how amazed he was every day I was able to make dinner with such an empty fridge (I kept reminding him that we have pretty full freezer and cupboards).


  1. What cute toes we have! Too bad they're hidden under my socks and slippers all day. (I take extra time to enjoy them in the shower ;) I had a really fun time, thanks again for having me.

  2. That is the funniest story about that guy pulling you guys over just to tell your friend she is pretty! I love it.