Traddddiiittttionnnn, Tradition

A whole week in Arizona for the holidays is just what the doctor ordered. It is really nice to have a warm weather home, because even though Heather would love to spend time in Utah with her family she does prefer the seventy degrees and sunshine to a subzero snowstorm. This Christmas was about melding our family traditions and making some of our own. We had to stop in Beaver, UT to get get some cheese curd or squeaky cheese at the Cheese Factory, which is an old Williams Family tradition from all our summer trips to and from Utah. We experimented on a new tradition of stopping through Vegas, but this tradition is one that probably won't last. Our hotel reservation was filled by someone else, Heather still has the smell of smoke in her hair, I walked with my eyes toward the ground (there is a reason why it is called Sin City), and we had no money to spend on the shows. But we had fun walking up and down Fremont Street anyway. For some reason, we are developing the tradition of hiking, which I am not fond of because I am not a hiker (even though I did get my hiking merit badge). Every time we go somewhere, Heather uses her Jedi mind tricks to get me to go hiking (I could barely hike the Y mountain in Provo). You can tell by the lower middle picture that I'm not having fun, but I am smiling at the top of Piestewa Peak. Every time we go to Arizona we have to go to Joe's BBQ. I worked there before my mission, but I had never been to their new restaurant called Joe's Farm Grill. They have a farm right next door so they get the freshest ingredients. It is modeled after 1960s decor, plus they have a TV and some retro GI Joe and Barbie Dolls in the bathrooms. Kind of weird, but fun.
Of course we have to get together with the old gang and their families. We even had a white elephant gift exchange. We couldn't fit a white elephant in our car so we decided to give them something cheesy. Heather came up with the idea of giving the powdered cheese that you shake on popcorn in four delicious flavors. We ended up getting pot. I mean a pot. A pot with lettuce sprouting out. The Palmers, who gave the gift, said, "Now lettuce rejoice." I don't think the lettuce is liking the Utah winter very much, but we're determined to make a salad... someday.
Heather's family (and probably every other family in the universe except ours) has a tradition of stuffing stockings. So when we brought our gifts over to my parents house Christmas morning (my mom said our wrapping paper probably wouldn't match her Christmas decor so we couldn't put them under the tree until Christmas day), we were the only ones that didn't get coal from Santa or at least we had something in our stockings. Heather was especially excited about the reflector kit that Santa brought and I was excited about the Indoor Basketball and clothes I got.
Orange you glad we showed these pictures from the Orange Patch. I couldn't believe how fascinated Heather was with the them. She's not use to seeing flowers and fruit growing in the winter.
Our last day in AZ we hit the 'after Christmas sales' only to realize the effort of trying to look around stores, and dodge everyone else shopping wasn't worth it, so we decided to get some yummy Thai food and see a movie instead.


  1. It was fun to see you guys. Maybe you should go to law school at ASU.

    Oh, and that cheese looks so good. Someone was asking me where to buy cheese curd in AZ.

    That's awesome you hiked Squaw Peak. Last time (and only time) I tried was when I was prego with Clara and made it about 1/4 of the way before I thought I might die.

  2. I can't believe you guys know Anna Melzer (not sure of her current last name)! Anna and I were great friends when we were little and both lived in Poway, CA. What a small world!

  3. you guys are always up to something fun! glad you had a good Christmas holiday/break & esp glad you made time for your old high school friends--the party was alot of fun:)!!