Flashback Friday- Missions

Syster Sermon, Sueko Kvarnström, and me Sueko was less active, but she would have us over for dinner once a week... and we would read from the Bible together after. We really loved meeting with her.
Here is Rob with his mom. Fresh off the mission.
Rob said this is the only flower he's ever received. (I think he's a little embarrassed I picked a photo with him holding a flower. How embarrassing!)


  1. Love the "fresh off the mission" photo

  2. Ok so I hope this works, but I love your blog! And I way love the pics of Brianne and Carl, good work!! You have really cute ideas :) and she looked gorgeous

  3. I love your flashback fridays... makes me want to start mine back up.

    The other night Jason asked me why they give the male olympic medalists flowers and I told him guys don't get flowers often enough. :)

  4. Sueko! She was so cute. I remember Syster Cobia hated going there because she felt like it was wasting our time. I am impressed that you remember her name.

  5. May I ask, it seems that Sueko is no longer with us or...?