It's My Party and Wii Won

Last Friday, Heather and I went to Rice-Eccles Stadium for my work party. It was a Black Tie Event but all I had was a gray one. They let me in anyway. Heather used this Black-Tie opportunity to buy a new black dress from TJ Maxx. And a new black shirt from Shade. And a new sweater, a new necklace, a new belt and a new gray dress from Forever 21 (She told me she had to match my gray tie). She liked the black dress from TJ Maxx and she didn't care about matching with me, so we are going to take the gray dress and the belt back to Forever 21 for $26.30 in store credit so she can spend it later (If any of you know Heather's spending habits though, $26.30 can go a loooonnng waaaayyy).
It was a lot of fun because two of my coworkers won a trip to anywhere in the world (really---ANYWHERE!!!). One chose Rome. She was a single mother on government assistance when she started working at Clearlink two years ago. She's done so well at Clearlink and has recently bought a house. The other one chose Austria. He is my manager and his dream job is to eventually own a chocolate store. He wanted to go to Austria to do some"Research." Diagnosis: Delicious.
The theme of the night was Vegas. At the beginning of the night everyone was given so many chips and you played different games to see if you could earn more. With those chips, you bought raffle tickets. We ended up winning a Wii, some games and an extra controller.
Last night, we played Mario Brothers, which was really fun because that was our generations' game growing up. Heather actually knew how to play without my constant assistance. And although she moved the controller when Mario jumped, it was because of the Wii and not because she's an unskilled gamer.


  1. You guys are the luckiest people I know!!

  2. I no longer feel lucky for winning $100 at one of Jason's Vegas themed Christmas parties... But, that's awesome!

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