Humor Me For a Second

Last Saturday, I took Heather to Brian Regan (a clean, funny comedian (I'm talking his routine and language, not his hygiene)). It was at Abravanel Hall, which is very hard to pronounce if you are not from Utah. The comedian that opened for him called it Hard-to-pronounce Hall, which Heather and I laughed at because I was having problems articulating the word earlier that day. Some of his more funny jokes included his diatribe on heroes. He was talking about Sully Sullenberger, who was the pilot who crash landed an airliner into the Hudson River. He said there are certain things that disqualify you from being a hero, like when they ask you if you think you're a hero, you can't say yes. Also when you are an adult there are sentences that come out of your mouth that will only be said when you have children. He told his son, "Don't try to balance the fruit juice between the table and your chest." One of my favorites (maybe because I did advertising for my major) was when he saw a roofing company's name was Fiedlers Roofing Company. He said that he wishes he was there when they decided to name the company. It was easy to see where he was going with this bit because one of my brothers had been in a school play for Fiddler on the Roof. Many times I will comment to Heather how a certian commercial should have said this or that to make it a funny play on words. He then compared chess to football and how if football were played like chess, you get a middle linebacker warning the quarterback if the defense were blitzing - which is synonymous with saying check. Or the quarterback saying we get six points because the defense is in a certain position. That would be similar to check mate. All in all, it was a great night. And after reading all this, I realize that explaining jokes and delivering them on stage are two completely different talents. And I don't have either.

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